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My choice

I am personally convinced that if I have to spend five years of my life in education, then it has to be something that pays off in the other end, but at the same time it should also be an education which allows me to experiment and contribute to the development of me as a professional and cultured person.

Therefore, I chose to study BSc in Economics & Business Administration (HA.Almen) as it offers a wide range of opportunities to test various disciplines to give you an idea of what you can see yourself working with in the future. Personally, I think it’s really rewarding that I can have an impact on my own academic profile and know that there is a demand for me once I’ve finished here at CBS – nationally and internationally.

Additionally, I love that the school has so many other activities that you can get involved in if you want it, in the form of, i.e., student organizations, entrepreneurial incubators, study trips, case competitions etc.

My programme

Personally, I think one of the most challenging things about the programme was to adopt the economic and academic mindset that you are confronted with as a new student on your first semester. Once you have learned it you will start to pick up new subjects and knowledge quicker, and it’s a great feeling to see the connecting thread between all the subjects and see how their content is actually found in the real world.

Future plans 
Basically, I want to pursue an ambition of a career in investment banking, but at the same time am I open to other opportunities too. I have always wanted to try out as an entrepreneur – and the great thing about the BSc/HA programme is that I feel equipped and confident to try out any of these!

What surprised me 
The social life surprised me. It’s no secret that many people have a stereotypical idea of CBS students as smart people in suits, with a little too much hair cream and tend to superficiality. I had this idea myself when I started to study and is to this day glad that my idea has been disproved. People are incredibly sweet, funny and open here at CBS – not to mention talented, which helps to create a stimulating and ambitious environment. I am very grateful for the network I have gained here through my studies – both academically and socially.

The reading burden is a real challenge. The syllabus can be very extensive at times. But then you have to just bite the bullet, pull yourself together and get through it. That’s it – there’s no other way.

My advice
I wish that I was more aware of the competitive mentality among students at CBS, before I started. You can quickly get to compare yourself with others and be influenced by others’ attitudes, characters, ambitions and successes – but I think that’s how it is in many programs/universities actually. It is rather important that you focus on yourself and do what you feel is right for you, and don’t get affected by others or compare yourself with others.

My advice

Be open, welcoming and outgoing. To start a new education where nobody knows you is a great opportunity to re-invent yourself and create good relations for life.

Make sure you listen to yourself - how corny it may sound. It is important that you do not start to impersonate something you are not, or start to push yourself too hard professionally. Set realistic expectations and adjust them gradually higher the farther you get in your studies – in this way, you will minimize the risk of crashing and burning, both academically and socially.

You are only a student once in your life (mostly) - so grab the chance to exploit the situation. Get the best out of everything the HA program and CBS has to offer, and maximize your potential. There’s a good chance that it will become some of the best, toughest and most exciting years of your life if you choose to study HA at CBS.