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My choice

Deciding which program I want to study was a quite difficult decision to make. As CBS offer a lot of interesting programs and there’re few programs I really want to study but I had to choose one. At that time I was quite confuse among different choices so I decided to use these parameters to eliminate or choose program.

Read course outlines of the program and find courses offered in your program if they are interesting to you. This helped me a lot to understand the program in depth. Evaluate your previous studies if you fulfill the entry requirement for the program.

My programme

Best thing about my program( Msc. International Business) you get a lot of fellow students from diverse regions and academic background that gives you the best mixture of thoughts that I personally feel is very important as it brings a lot of different and new idea and constructive discussion and helps to have more than just one point of view.

I felt competition is the challenge of my program not only to get in but also later on during studies (even though I love it)-
If you become lazy and don’t do your reading from the start of semester it could be challenging in the end to concentrate on all those reading and digest that knowledge at once.

It’s a very broad program that you can choose your electives to concentrate on one specific field that you like as I chose various marketing subjects due to my interests in it.

Study approach and the Business project really made me happy as it gave me an exposure of how things would be in real life and beside you can apply your academic knowledge to professional life and if it turns out with good grade and an appreciation from company it’s one of the best feelings.

My advice

Spend enough time to decide which programs you want to study prioritize them according to your interests (for me I can’t study something that isn’t interesting for me) as you most like to choose that field as your professional career as well so in my opinion it’s very to important.

Work Smarter not harder. So try to meet new people get the ideas and try to adopt the good ideas regarding reading, solving exams and finding jobs. As everyone knows something but no one knows everything.

Involve yourself with different student organizations of your interest to have a good social life attend the social events that would enrich your network.

I found CBS offer lot of informational seminars, career seminars and some tutorial meetings for using different academic tools, I found those very useful.