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My choice

Personally I chose CBS because I felt it would be a great place to meet new friends with the same interests as me. After having attended an upper secondary education with a business focus, I figured it would be a natural step to go to CBS. I had heard a lot of positive things about the social life and nexus, which made the choice easier. To be honest, I did not spend much time looking at alternatives.

Before starting, my expectations were mixed, especially due to the strong stereotypes about arrogant people in suits with money and profit as sole focal points. I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity among CBS students. Here you will find almost any type of student, fostering many different acquaintances.

My programme

The most exciting thing about IB is all the opportunities to learn and develop one self, both in and out of school. In school, there are incredibly talented and dedicated people within all disciplines. This fosters the possibility for fruitful sparring, where people can help one another within their strongest fields. Outside school there are a wide array of events and relevant jobs, which are a bit more easily accessed with IB on the CV. This provides the opportunity to engage in all the challenges one desire.

The quarter structure (7 weeks from course start to exams) can be challenging, especially regarding course where one is unfamiliar with the underlying intuition and methodology. It takes time to understand these matters, particularly if the course is outside one’s interests. However, this challenge can be overcome by investing some time at the beginning of the quarter to understand the course.

What has surprised me the most about IB is the social life. People are very social, friendly and approachable. There is a willingness to help one another despite the high level of ambition and competitive atmosphere. There are many social events and parties, which aid in creating social bonds. You could say It is a bit “work hard, play hard” :)

My advice

Choose your education based on what you find exciting. Do not think about how much money you will earn or others’ expectations. What truly excites you will motivate you and ensure a great studylife. Also, the internal engagement will be a solid foundation for a stable performance and good grades.

Join a student organisation. Here you will make many new friends and a better feel of who and how your co-students are. The organisaitons cover every topic from sports to finance to cooking and marketing. (If you feel that your particular interests are not represented in the body of student organisations, feel free to start one!)

Use some time on your study technique. It is an investment that will yield an exceptional reutrn during your time of study!

Remember to spend some time on your personal interest and what recharges your batteries.