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  • Being new in Denmark
  • The study environment at CBS
  • Teaching style and exams
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My choice

My specific program was only available in Denmark and Spain, but Copenhagen is a city you fall in love with and the Scandinavia sounded as a great place to explore a completely new way of thinking. This program gives you an insight of the business process and paradigms through the lens of technology.It will leverage you as a professional to work in developing “trendy” technological initiatives for different industries and companies.

CBS was way more than I expected because it gives you so much support and tools as a student; if facilitates your life in terms of physical and social activities within the University,  and it also has a great environment to study and concentrate on your programme.

I highly recommend now to learn at CBS also because of the particular “ Danish” way of thinking and studying, that varies greatly from the Latin American Universities and as a complement to  any career or profession the school approach will boost your abilities to be critical and innovative.

My programme

The program has the benefit to become very practical over the course of your study and for your future; the theories learned at some point have an objective and real life translation.

The IT students become very close in a positive way,  we gather socially but also meet for professional events such as competition challenges or projects.

Teachers are always open and happy to discuss, you can really see the preparation of their lectures their expertise on the field but overall the willingness to debate and incorporate new points of view.

My advice

Take advantage of all the complementary activities and offices of support that CBS has to offer, for example attend to as many events as you consider interesting, or visit the Career / Student services when in doubt or just only to learn what is they can do for your studies and professional life.

Allow yourself to work with different groups of people, and not only your friends, you will find that most of the studies have a friendly side and incredible ideas when you reach for them.

Take responsibility for your studies, and be serious about, CBS is fun and a great place to be therefore sometimes is hard to keep track on all the things one must do with the studies, because you are having a great time with friends on campus.