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  • Time management and workload
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My choice

When I looked at IBP as a study program for the first time it was mostly the academic content that caught my attention. IBP’s diversity made it so appealing for me – I thought I wouldn’t get stuck with one single subject. I checked out all the information provided by CBS to be sure what I was actually applying for. Facts asides the academic content what made me decide for IBP as a top priority where the equal gender distribution and that I thought 130 students does not sound like a crazy big program but one where you surely will find some friends on your wave line.

The biggest question for me was: Do I want to move to Denmark? And I did and it was very hard to organize everything from paperwork to accommodation. The backside for me is that studying a demanding program does also make your time planning demanding: especially the lack of holidays stroke (and sometimes still does strike) me. But when your IBP friends feel the same it makes it better to live with.

My programme

When I met my new peers during the Intro Days I thought: “wow I am among many people who have the same interests”. I guess that is what makes IBP and me a good match. The dedicated staff at CBS made me like going to many lectures. The most surprising for me when I started IBP was the little hype about the program and the whole Business School Atmosphere. In addition certain exam types like a 72h exam can be very challenging.

What I experienced difficult at first was managing arriving in Denmark and starting a classical student life both at the same time because the time span between getting your acceptance letter and starting at CBS is so small. When I finally had things figured out it made my life a lot easier. Like a couple of IBPs I have plenty of ideas what I could use my studies for, becoming a diplomat or a professor is definitively among my top ones.

My advice

What you have to be aware of when you start IBP is that you are now among equally clever people meaning that your marks may not be as good as they have been before.

When you start your studies it is important to do things at a time: You don’t need to follow a checklist of things to happen during your first year. Be realistic not try to be super(wo)man!

Stay open for all kinds of input! From whom you might get is not important – good advice sometimes comes from people you haven’t expected to get it from.

Participate in the Intro Days! They are awesome fun and the foundations for your later social contacts.