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My choice

My choice of study:
Before studying at CBS, I had made a lot of research about various universities, both in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. I had been to several open house events. I realized that the university itself was not of great importance, but on the other hand, instead I figured, that I had to focus on the programs the universities could offer. I know many who have chosen CBS because it has a very good reputation and is very well-liked. But it’s often those who end up dropping out. It is therefore extremely important to choose university out from your academic interests.

I knew that I was interested in politics, economics and I would like to study an education with an international perspective. It was therefore obvious for me to choose international business and politics at CBS. Before studying, I had high expectations for the environment, both because it is CBS, but also because the admission rate is the 3rd highest in Denmark. I expected a highly competitive environment, which it also is it, BUT! It is hugely important to mention that I was very positively surprised at how helpful the co-students in my study are and how much people help eachother, so it is a healthy competition environment.

My programme

My education:
Before I started IBP, I had studied 6 months at a university in the United States, so I was used to an international study environment, and that all teaching took place in English. It is one of the very basic things to be prepared for. It certainly helped me to have tried it before, but even if I had not been in the United States, I would not think it’s overwhelming to be taught in english. I think it makes the education more exciting and contributes to the international perspective on which the entire education is based.

One of the big challenges for me was to be on my own. Although there is a lot of help getting from CBS, as well as fellow students, it was difficult for me to find my study method. I quickly found out that the method that worked in macroeconomics did not possibly work in political science. Besides that, you need to be prepared to raise your mathematical level from B to A, as there are some economics heavy subjects.

My advice

Choose education based on your interests, and not on the universities reputation, at the end it doesn’t matter if it's CBS or KU, as long as you're interested in your study subjects

Give yourself time to find your own study method, what works for others may not work for you

Try different organizations, CBS has many offers, and it's a good opportunity to go into depth with your interests and find what you are passion about