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My choice

After quitting DTU and spending a lot of time thinking about the future and myself. It didn’t take long until I came to the realization that language and business have always been part of my life even with me not noticing. So I decided to take a look at this school called CBS and was immediately hooked up on their programs and their international focus.

It became an easy choice when I found out about BLC. Here we had a program, that I felt like was made just for me, who comes from a multi-cultural and multi-language family. It felt like a dream that I just wanted to live.

However, the insecurity and pressure of how I would perform at such an university, with so many smart people, would follow me around.
The idea of performing against and with elite people, who might seek to highs I have not dared to grasp, intrigued me and gave me the motivation to try my best. That being said, I was proven wrong of my view and shown that these are just as normal as I could be with their own dreams and wishes.

My programme


One of the toughest things for me was to see how all these courses actually work together (Microeconomics, German social structure, and British / American Studies).

However it also intrigued me to continue to study. I kind of saw myself as a detective solving a case and he doesn’t make sense of it until the very end.

I also found it hard to be good in every course. I personally excel in the language / cultural aspect, while the micro part is where I often find myself not understanding it. In this I am not alone and some courses take more time from me than others but The social life of CBS really helped me out a lot.

Social Life / Study Groups:

At BLC, where you have so many different types of persons and skills. It really made me happy to see how helpful people are to each other. There was this case in our first semester where one student was willing to spare 2 hours after a long day to sit with 15 students, just to explain to them something they did not understand.

Because people are so good with each other, even thought they are from different line of languages, I have often seen myself in a study group from both the German, French and Spanish line.


I am really looking forward to the exchange semester, where I have the opportunity to go to a German speaking country and apply all these knowledge that I have learned in the first 2 years. But not only in regard of German society, politics and economics but also to get a firsthand experience of everything.

My advice

Use your fellow students and don’t be scared to ask them for help. Sometimes they can explain things more easier than teachers.

As tempting as it sounds to be at every party and be social. You should never forget about your studies. If you fall behind, it is hard to catch up again.

Make use of all the organizations that are available at CBS campus. You don’t only make new friends but also learn a lot while doing so.