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My choice

There are various reasons to why I chose to study at CBS. Firstly, I applied to the IBA-program due to the unique combination of Chinese language and culture along with other social sciences and business. Learning Chinese by itself may not create as many future opportunities. Thus, choosing the IBA-program, gives a broad foundation for further studies and work. Although there is a wide range of courses, the program might be too broad, proving difficult to choose what major to study. Secondly, what motivated me to choose this program was the fact that it gives you quite a niche. After graduating, I hope to be involved with Norwegian companies in Asia, using the acquired knowledge from CBS to benefit my career.

What further motivated me to move to Copenhagen is the fact that this city has a lot to offer. I am able to enjoy the cultural scene and nightlife along with my studies. Moreover, I chose Copenhagen because it is not too far away from my family and friends in Norway.

When I started at CBS, I was quite anxious about missing out and not being able to make many friends. I only knew a handful of people here in Copenhagen, so I basically started from scratch. It was not prepared for the transition of having a large network of friends, to feeling slightly lonely at times. Although the Norwegians and Danes have a lot in common, I realized that most Danes had a hard time understanding my Norwegian, and therefore was a small barrier to making friends instantly. Although IBA is an international program, I think it is much easier to open up and related to people when you are able to communicate in your native language. Luckily, there are other foreign students that are experiencing the same things as you. Besides, there are many Norwegians at CBS and Copenhagen in general, which made my move to Denmark easier.

My programme

I enjoyed courses such Asian Societies from a Comparative Perspective, Chinese and International Relations in Asia. Andreas Mulvad, Susan Pettersen, Xiao Weihua og Niels Høyrup Christensen have proved to be the best teachers.
I loved learning about the various Asian societies and how different states interact with each other globally. The combination of language, business and other social sciences is demanding. I certainly had to prioritize Chinese and Microeconomics. Although diffuclt at times, I learned alot from the first year project.

The social enviroment at IBA and at CBS in general is my favorite aspect of being an IBA-student. Throughout my two years at CBS, I have overcome the diffuculties of making friends in a foreign country, and made many close friends across the program.

Moreover, I really enjoy being part of the student organization CBS Yoga. I’ve been able to stay in shape, while getting new friends and learning how to run a student organization.

My advice

Attend the intro program (both home and away). I am afraid that the students who do not attend might struggle socially. One should not underestimate the importance of a highly social intro period. Although it is important to step out of one’s comfortzone, do not feel pressured to do things that make you severly uncomfortable.

As a foreign student, prepare yourself of occasionally feeling homesick and lonely the first semester.

Making mistakes is perfectly normal, even in terms of choosing the right study program. Before making descisions on whether to quit or change studies, bear in mind that it takes time to adjust to new surroundings.