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My choice

Back when I finished my upper secondary, I took a start point in my GPA and was mostly looking at study programs, which I knew I could start on right after summer. I already knew that I wanted to move to Copenhagen, so I took a look at CBS’ study programs.

Here I found quite a few interesting study programs – some more interesting than others – and did intensive reading on the top 3 and skimmed/overview read the rest. Then I made my choices and not after very long, I got the acceptance letter from CBS and I remember my first thought after reading the letter: “Wow. I’ve been accepted into the study programme of BA Information Management. I’m officially moving to Copenhagen and going to be a CBS student after summer – YES!”

CBS was my first choice, due to my own wish to work for an international firm somewhere in the future – of course, CBS was not the only option but it was the option I was most fond of. Furthermore, CBS has a strong brand and great reputation and that drove me as well. When it comes to the study programme, the IT part was the most interesting element, because our world is becoming more and more digitalized. Therefore, it would be great for one to know more about the technical terms, etc. The communication studies and organization studies sounded like something for me as well!


My programme

On BA Information Management you have exams after every 6 – 8 weeks – a so called quarter structure, which was really interesting for me to experience at first and also challenging to adapt to. In my upper secondary, I was used to study different subjects at the same time and at the end of the year there would be a couple of exams. Here on this study, you’ve got to focus on 2 courses and hereby get really into depth with each course/subject and finish them before starting on something else.

The programme allows you to try to imagine, take a look at, and work with real life cases to put your learned theories into practice. There is a great shifting between ‘blackboard teaching’ – where the teachers stands by the board and preaches his or hers wise words, individual work – where you think for yourself, and group work – where you get to think as a unit. In that way, you get to learn and prepare on how to work and learn in different ways.

I’ve just finished my first year of the programme and therefore cannot say what the second year brings yet; but for me the first year has both been challenging and an eye opener. You get to learn to do things in many different ways and it is up to you how you want study and how you learn best. There is a lot of self study compared to the upper secondary, but with patient and advice, I finished my first year – and in one piece!

My advice

When becoming a student… Start by taking a deep breath. You are not the only one, who is nervous, confused, terrified etc. – I can guarantee. Keep things at your own pace and eventually you will find your way. Be patient.

Being a student at CBS can be quite time consuming with loads of homework and self studying. Do not panic. After a while or after some advice (from e.g. your mentor(s)), you will see, realize, and/or find out how it can work out.

There is this saying “better late than never” - No. My advice here would be: Please do not hesitate to ask for help if you are unsure, insecure and/or doubtful (etc.) about something. Ask, ask, and ask! There are no such things as stupid questions. We mentors are here to help you.