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  • Being new in Denmark
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  • Advice on housing and living expenses
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My choice

I chose to study at CBS because of the high-quality education, and international profile. Adding to that, Copenhagen is a great city to study in. There is always something interesting or fun happening when you need a break from school.

Coming to CBS I was positively surprised by the engagement and community that exists. You really have all the recourses to support your incentives and ideas, and all the possibilities realize your projects.

I chose to study IBP in search of a deeper understanding of how economics and politics interact with society. It is truly a rich programme, where you get a broad perspective of the world.

My programme

I have always been interested in social sciences, history and philosophy. What attracted me to IBP was the possibility of further broadening my understanding of how society works. I previously thought of myself as someone who did not pair well with economics. Moreover, studying math has always demanded a lot of time, as an understanding does not come as naturally as in other subjects.

Beginning at IBP, I thought that the economics dimension would be a burden, even something that could ultimately lead me to reconsider my choice of study. However, I found that much of what sparked my interest in the humanities was a big part of the economic subjects as well.

For me, the math was easier to grasp and find meaningful when studying it in an applied form. Be aware though, that if you are in doubt of the economic dimension of IBP, you should be prepared for that it is a big part of the programme and that you have to be patient.

My advice

Be open to all the opportunities at CBS, both academic and social. Don’t be afraid to try something new. I am glad that I tested many diverse activities in the beginning, as it made me realize what I wanted to prioritize.

When school really gets a grip on you, don’t forget to have fun. Copenhagen is a great city to study in a there is always something exciting happening when you need a break.

Engage in a student society where you can devote yourself to an interest or hobby. I believe it is important to prioritize your interest outside of the academic subjects, as it will make you better at studying in the end.