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My choice

Why I chose CBS
When I had to choose university I still didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I chose CBS because of the broad selection of bachelor degrees and because of the international environments.

Options in terms of academic content
I applied for law school and Copenhagen University when I just graduated from the gymnasium, but in my year away from school I found out that law school was not a good fit for me. Then I considered HA.Jur at CBS, but once again, I wasn’t completely interested in that. My way of thinking has always been a bit abstract, so I wanted to find a study where I could use creative thinking in a constructive way to create great results. I also knew that I wanted to study in English and have a semester abroad. My cousin, who have also studied IM, told me about the programme and I thought it sounded interesting and challenging, so I ended up choosing Information Management.

The social aspect
I wasn’t that concerned about making new friends. I thought that as long as I find a study programme that fits my personality, the possibility of meeting people that I got along with would be higher. However, I was a bit frightened when I saw how much group work there were on IM, because I really like working according to my own schedule, but I quickly found new friends I felt like I could talk to about everything on the study. After all they were all in the same boat as me.

My expectations 
I was in this weird stage where I didn’t really know what to expect before I started on the programme. I expected that by starting on IM at CBS, I would finally get some answers on what I should be when I grow up, but truth is that today I still don’t know exactly what I want. However, I have become much wiser on what my possibilities are, what I like, and what I don’t like – and that is a big step in the right direction.

My programme

The most exciting thing about my programme 
The most exciting thing about IM is the broad scope that the programme has and the fact that the research field is still relatively new. When doing the different case studies you sometimes have to think outside the box and develop a more innovative management strategy to solve the problem. I have become very efficient and effective in identifying the problem, gathering data, analyzing and providing a variety of solutions to that certain problem.

Furthermore, I’m very fond of the social aspects of my study. We didn’t have that many social events, but those we had was very nice and intimate because we were a small study. And of course there is always Nexus where you can get a nice relaxing beer after class with your classmates and other friends from the rest of CBS.

The most challenging thing about my programme
The most challenging about IM is that it is quite unknown and for a long time it has been very fuzzy and confusing. It is quite difficult to go to a company without being able to give them a ‘title’ that they know. I think it is up to yourself to see the possibilities in the programme

One of my first exams was and oral exam based in a written product in the course ‘Organization Theory’ and that was a very unpleasant exam! I felt really stupid when I was facing the teacher and the censor and I remember that I thought I didn’t belong on the university. But I managed to collect my thoughts and got a 7 – which I am very proud of!

We are writing a lot of exam projects, which is very time-consuming. IM has a quarter structure with a lot of case work, so I spend a huge amount of time on finding a company, collecting data, analyzing and writing the project, and then studying for the oral exam.

Future plans
From my internship and my various student jobs I have found two keywords I think will define my future ambitions: Innovation and strategy. I want to use the mindset I have gotten from IM to develop innovative strategies that will increase performance in a company, or maybe something else? I imagine myself in some sort of leadership.

The best thing I have experienced on IM
During my internship in Brussels I was supposed to help integrate a new CRM system in Roche Diagnostics, but the CRM system got delayed. After I started my internship my manager at Roche Diagnostics came to me with various problems and suddenly I had a lot of responsibility and a lot of projects concerning optimization of their work processes. Having that much responsibility and see what you have studied suddenly makes sense in the real world was amazing and very satisfying.

All in all, IM was a good match for me because I found it difficult from the beginning to decide what I wanted to do and I was always driven by my curiosity. So finding a programme where I was not given a title or put in a box was ideal for me. Additionally, I like to see what I am studying making sense in the real world, so the possibility of combining theory and real life experience in my internship was the best fit for me.

My advice

Choose the prorgamme you find interesting and not necessarily the programme where they have a hot paycheck. I wanted to study law school because I thought they were cool and got a lot of money and success, but I wouldn’t have been very good at it. From my own experience I have found that you can only have success from something you are good at, and to become really good at something you have to find it interesting.
Choose the university and study programme that matches your needs and ambitions.

Use the mindset that you get from all the courses combined. There is a reason why it is called a study programme and not CBS single courses. I have learned not to be upset about the courses I didn’t like – I have already used some things from them in my work life.

There will be courses where you will struggle and there will be courses which you don’t like. I have had many courses which I didn’t like, but I had to get through them and put in and extra effort. That’s just how it is on the university.

You have to accept the reputation that CBS has. There are a lot of guys in suits and girls in stilettos who strives to become part of the elite, but you don’t necessarily have to be one of them. That’s just how it is at CBS.