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My choice

My choice to study at Copenhagen Business School was very natural. The Gymnasium I studied at was a business focused one, and since I wanted to develop my knowledge within the field of business, I felt that there was no better place to do so than at CBS.

When I studied at Learnmark, I was in an international class, meaning we studied three foreign languages, cultures and business methods – and traveled a lot. Through this traveling, I learned that the international environment which is created by having a lot of different people, with different nationalities, backgrounds and cultures all come together in one place was something I did not want to live without, neither in my studies nor in my future work life. Therefore, I chose Shipping, based on the fact that no other business in the entire world, more connects the different parts of the globe, than the Shipping industry.

My programme

The most exciting, and at the same time also the most challenging part of the programme, is how closely linked to the shipping world it is. It is exciting because the classes are filled with real-world examples, so that you get a feeling, that what you study is actually useful, and you will be able to use it later in life. At the same time, the shipping business is a very challenging business, and having to constantly keep up with everything happening, in order to be able to relate the material, can be a challenge at times.

The programme, International Shipping & Trade, is something which I intend to use to get a very international job, with great opportunities to travel and work outside of Denmark. Obviously, the natural choice would be in a shipping firm, but I also believe that the toolbox you are given on the education opens up a lot of opportunities for you, not only within the shipping world.

The programme fits me quite nicely as a person because it is a very ambitious programme. The students are goal oriented, and they know where they want to go in life. At the same time, due to the relatively low amount of students, we are a pretty tightly knit group, where everyone knows everyone, which gives a very nice community feeling at the programme.
For example, I am a board member of the Shipping Union CBS. We are a union, where we try to bring in different parts of the shipping world for the students to see and of course also bring about social arrangements. Due to our low student count, we are able to arrange dinner parties with almost everyone from the programme involved, using different hosts each time, so that everybody gets a chance to really get to know each other.

My advice

First off, if you are moving to Copenhagen, make sure you start looking in due time. I know a lot of students who are still living on couches at their friends, looking for an apartment to stay in. I believe it’s really important to have a nice place to live, so make sure you start looking early.

If you are afraid that entering into the shipping programme is “specializing yourself too early,” do not fear. As mentioned, you will get a great toolbox (if you study), and you have plenty of master degrees opportunities, if you do not want a job after your bachelor degree.

Be aware of the “Quarter structure” at the programme. It is very intense, given that we have 7 weeks of classes with two subjects, and then exam for those two subjects. This means that grace period for falling behind on your readings, basically is non-existent.