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  • Time management and workload
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  • Advice on housing and living expenses
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My choice

I chose to study at CBS because CBS had they academic challenges I was looking for. Besides that, I heard many positive things about CBS, the high academic standard and nice job opportunities that goes along with that.

Despite the fact that I study at CBS I am also interested in the humanities. I had considered studying linguistics, Information technology or something along those lines. What motivated me to choose IBA at CBS was that I can learn about East Asian culture and language combined with business. In my opinion, it makes the program more interesting, but also more attractive on the job market.

The social options available to you at CBS are vast, there is a huge amount of student societies for every interest. I’ve personally participated in the CBS Debating Society where I had the chance to practice rhetoric and my reasoning abilities. There are also a lot of events that everybody can participate in, arranged by different societies. An example of that is Asia Days where entrepreneurs and Asia-experts fly to CBS to talk about developments and strategies in the Asian markets.

After I had decided to study at CBS I became worried about whether or not it was fit for me. Would it be too tough? Would I fit in socially? Luckily, I quickly realized that the expectations from me were realistic and that there was enough time in the day to be a full-time student, work a bit on the side, and hang out with friends. At the same time, there were hundreds of new students just like me who started at the same time, so it wasn’t difficult to make new friends.

Because I am from Jutland (Western region of Denmark) it was a lot of work to find a place to live. Luckily I had some family in Copenhagen that I was able to stay with for six months while I was looking for my own place. When I knew I was moving to Copenhagen, six months before the program started, I signed up for the various dormitory waiting lists. It took about a year from signing up until I found a decent place to live. Of course it was a bit of pressure, but everybody can find a place if they try and stay patient.

My programme

What attracted me and still interest me the most about IBA is the fact that I can learn about East Asian culture and language combined with business. For me, the language and cultural part is more interesting, but business has also proven itself to be interesting to me, but is also my biggest challenge. Introduction to International Business in Asia was a subject that started out with a lot of new terms, concepts, and theories. After having spent some time with my study group and reading up on it at home, I quickly got the hang of it. On the other hand, ‘Introduction to China’s History, Culture, and Society’ and ‘Chinese Propaedeutics ‘ were easier for me since I already had some knowledge about Chinese culture and language before starting.

Because I knew from the beginning that I wanted to live and work in East Asia, IBA is great opportunity for me. CBS has a good reputation and good connections, even in East Asia, which opens new doors for me. After graduating from IBA, I plan on taking a master’s degree, either at CBS or abroad.

Before I started the IBA program, I wondered whether or not my fellow students would be as nerdy as me, regarding East Asia and I was a bit concerned about whether or not I would be as good as them. When I started, I realized quickly that the vast majority are new to the culture and language from the region. Even if you know nothing about East Asia and China, IBA is a good choice if you are interested. It does however require the discipline to keep going and study Mandarin daily, if you hope to reach a high level.

My advice

My first advice is to ask yourself whether you are interested in China and whether you have the discipline to study the language almost every day, if you are interested in getting good. Don’t choose IBA on a whim if you have not considered this.

My second advice is to use your classmates and form study groups with the people you work well with. IBA is not an easy major and group work with your classmates is going to be important to do well.