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My choice

After high school, I knew for sure that I wanted to study business of some kind. I took a gap year in the US where I was a business major at The University of West Georgia. Here I got some experience with a wide range of business courses, from marketing to accounting, which gave me a much better sense of what direction I wanted to pursue when I returned to CBS to begin my studies.

Some of the considerations I did include:

– The study programme had to be taught in English
– I wanted to be a part of an international environment
– My interest in “talking”, to communicate and express myself had to be accommodated
– It would be wise to improve Chinese language proficiency

Lastly, based on my competences and interests I came to the conclusion that BSc in Business, Asian Language and Culture were the right programme for me.

Because I had no doubts about it being the right choice for me, it was the only programme I applied to.

My programme

The best about ASP is the diversity and the good atmosphere. We are a relatively small programme. Therefore it was from the beginning easy to get to know each other and create an open and nice feeling amongst us.

Because we all have different backgrounds, both in regards to expectations, previous expectations, ethnic background and so on, one of the biggest challenges in my opinion, has been to find the academic red threat and understand the greater purpose of the programme. I have sensed that some students are very “business” oriented and will use Chinese as a tool to do business. Others are more culturally oriented and usually have some problems with the more math heavy courses. This difference between students has from time to time been a concern of mine though it also helps to keeping the program diverse.

One of my greatest joys about the programme has been in the role of vice chair of the study board. ASP has an excellent study board where students and faculty meet on the same level and together we develop our programme for the better. The opportunity of playing an active role in shaping our programme and thereby our future is fantastic. Previous would not be possible if it was not for our open and kind administration and teaching staff.

My advice

An important part of the concept is that potential students can contact you if they have a question in an area which you happen to know a lot about.

Below you will find a list of areas which might be relevant. But there are probably more. If you thing something needs to be added to the list, please write it in.

Everybody knows a little bit about everything, so to make it clear what your areas of expertise are, please choose 3 to 5 topics you know the most about. If you know something about an off-list topic you can write in under “other”.