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My choice

A couple of the most crucial factors for choosing to study at CBS were the institution’s great reputation and finding a programme that suited me both personally and academically. Furthermore, socially, I believed CBS would fit me perfectly as I would be able to expand my network and make new friends while moving to a city I had always been in love with.

As I looked through the different bachelor programmes’ contents on cbs.dk, BLC stood out as touches various fields: business, language and culture. The main reason why I chose to study BLC was due to a dream of always wanting to work in an international environment, and it felt like BLC would be able to give me a natural transition to this goal.

My programme

I am really happy to be a student at BLC. I believe the programme allows for an incredible diversity between students with huge differences in culture, subculture and even nationality.

The exciting part became the challenging part
For me, the most exciting part of the BLC programme was the combination of various study fields such as business, language and culture. However, this combination also turned out to be a tongue twister the first year as I was not able to see a specific end product compared to a more clear-cut bachelor programme. It took me some time to realize the importance of why we were learning so many different subjects, nonetheless, I could not be happier with my choice today as I now am able to see a relevant and obvious link between the different study fields.

Another exciting factor is the opportunity to go on exchange! As BLC focuses on both culture and language it is very natural (not mandatory) that most of the students go on exchange. It is a great opportunity to develop ones personal language and cultural skills, while having a great time studying in another country. Personally, I can highly recommend it!

Social life
In regards of the social life in BLC I was positively surprised! BLC students are very social and outgoing – even though there might be cultural differences – thus making the daily study-atmosphere comfortable and fun. Personally, this factor has made a huge difference in my university life, as my best friends at BLC have been able to push and encourage my ambitions and competences. My social life has made my academic life easier for sure.


My advice

Choice of bachelor programme
I would recommend you to really think about why you are choosing BLC. There are many great bachelor programmes at CBS – find the one you love! A genuine personal interest in courses makes your learning experience so much easier.

Intro weeks
If possible, make sure to be in Copenhagen for the intro weeks. These weeks are very important in regards of getting to know your new classmates and establishing a social connection with each other before kicking off your new academic university life.

Second foreign language
BLC puts a lot of emphasis on developing your second foreign language the first 2 years. As you will be using a lot of time in this course, it is an advantage to have a genuine interest and passion about this area. The language level is fairly high from the beginning, thus, you must be eager to put in a lot of work effort in order to not fall behind.

Study routine
Studying at university is probably immensely different than you are used to. You do not have a lot of classes in your weekly schedule, however, your workload will increase massively as you are expected to study by yourself and be prepared for every single class. Find a way to structure and manage your time.

Have fun!