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My choice

My very first meeting with CBS was through a presentation held at my upper secondary school by an IBP student. I got a great impression of both CBS and the IBP programme. The international aspect was very important to my choice of study and I found that the BSc in IBP offered a fairly strong international focus, both with regards to the academic content and the actual students enrolled in the programme. I also thought It would be great to challenge myself by studying in English, which I have found extremely rewarding after just one year in the programme.

The academic content was naturally also of importance when deciding upon a study programme. I found the combination of economics and business on one side, and political science on the other, very appealing.  would say that I’m mainly interested in the business aspect of IBP. That being said I am very interested in how the two fields of study, business and politics, are interconnected. The BSc in IBP was one of the few studies I came over that offered this combination.

Also, I was very excited about the thought of studying in Copenhagen. I was impressed with how much Copenhagen has to offer, even when you’re on a student budget (keep in mind that I’m from Oslo). I have had an exclusively positive experience living in Copenhagen and I would definitely recommend it.

My programme

My expectations to the IBP programme were quite high, both with regards to the academic content and the workload. I would say that the academic content is pretty much as I had expected. It’s challenging, but it’s supposed to be. With regards to the workload, my experience has been that it has varied a great deal. You will typically have a combination of semester-subjects and quarter-subjects. At times it can be rather demanding, but overall I would say that it is possible to maintain a healthy balance between social life and academic life.

I found the advanced English language at bit overwhelming at first, but you very quickly get used to it and you learn an enormous amount during those first weeks.  The mathematics can also be a bit tough at first, especially if you have had a gap year before studying. Luckily your fellow IBP students will most likely be happy to help!

The social aspect is perhaps one of the things that I enjoy the most about studying IBP. In my experience there is a lot of diversity among the IBP students, partly due to the structure of the programme combining business and politics. Whether you’re mainly into business or into politics, you will meet tons of people who share your interests.

My advice

Choose a study programme based on your own interests, not your friends’ interests or what you think you ought to be interested in. You are going to face countless challenges related to academic content and workload over the following three years. Having a genuine interest in what you are studying is a precondition for actually enjoying those challenges.