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My choice

I chose to study at CBS and specifically BSc International Business due to the following:

  • After having studied in the USA for a longer period of time, I knew that I sought an educational program like IB, which is based on an international focus. The international world has always been a great personal interest of mine and additionally I perceived the international focus to be a great benefit in the long run when having to successfully function within the globalized world. It also caught my eye that CBS provide the possibility to study internationally and prepare students for business in a global world.
  • Another interest of mine has been economics and especially in regard to doing business, but when I graduated gymnasium I was still unsure what I wanted to work with in the long run. I started to obtain information upon the IB program and found it a program with a remarkable width within the field of business. I was hereby convinced that the IB program would consolidate an academic frame, which I later would be able to narrow on my master. I considered other educational programs than IB, as an example Economics, but came to the conclusion that the subjects in the IB program and international perspective combined would constitute the ideal education for me. IB is further a program of great prestige and a program on a high academic level. I was due to these aspects certain that the education would stimulate and develop me as wanted.

My programme

I am grateful to be studying international business at CBS.

The academic level of the program has certainly lived up to my expectations. The different subjects supplement each other well and make the program rounded with a mix of economics (like International Economics), more practical business subjects (like Principles of International Marketing) and method subjects (like Financial Accounting). Personally, I would have liked more focus on economics, but the electives incorporated in the program along with the possibility to specialize on the master makes me very satisfied with the great width the program offers.

The Study Environment:
In the beginning I was concerned if the social aspect of the studies would be downgraded due to the qualification requirements, the prestige, and the high academic level. Since then I have become enlightened! The most exciting aspect of studying IB is without any doubt the environment and one’s co-students.

I have experienced an openness and diversity, which makes it very interesting to be studying. At IB you find yourself along students with a high level of ambition and an outstanding dedication towards the studies but also other activities like start-up companies, student jobs, spots etc. This makes IB an extremely inspiring and motivational environment to be a part of, where one personally can develop a lot.

My advice

Read about the different educational programs and institutions and match it with your own interest and personality before making your decision. Personally, I read about the different programs at CBS on ”Brochurer”. Most important is to remember that the choice is yours.