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My choice

I choose to study at CBS because it is an internationally recognize university not just in Copenhagen but also outside Denmark. Being able to be part of a recognizable university I believe, prepares you to have better chances for your career in the future.

The easy part of choosing CBS is the fact that I know it offers international environment and there are wide variety of programs that will cater to my interest of studies. The hard part is to prepare all the requirements needed for application and trying to complete everything on time.

My option in terms of academic content is simple, as I have already studied some degree back in the Philippines and gained some job experience, my choice for picking a new study program this time depends more on my interests and my future career plan. I want to focus more on a business program which can back up my previous job experience.

Some practical things that I consider in choosing CBS are: First, CBS location. It is in the heart of Copenhagen, which means that there are more opportunities for me to have a student job that can be a big help for me to finance some of my expenses as a student. Student job while studying also gives you an edge on your future job placement as companies preferred graduates with job experience. Also, CBS as I mentioned is in the heart of Copenhagen which means that, you will be part of a lot of things that’s going on in Copenhagen. It will be a great opportunity to be part of a wonderful community and gained greater perspective and broaden your experience in terms of Danish culture and their way life.

Some of the social issues like gaining new friends at CBS are a bit of a struggle at the beginning. You will find out that most of your classmates will probably 50% Danish and another half mostly Europeans. As I come from Asia, It is a bit difficult dealing on how to make friends, or how to start a conversation with my classmates. It is a different culture and probably the language barrier can be an issue as well. Danish are also a bit reserve and private people, they tend to be fixated with their set of friends but once you get to know them they will start to open up and you will realized that it is indeed a good fun to be with them. Although your definition of fun can be a bit different too, In general I think you just have to find a balance of getting the right timing and right moment to approach them.

Some university organization like International Student Ambassadors (ISA) can be a good place to start making friends, as we share almost the same experiences being international student. Here, you can find somewhat support group who are willing to share our experiences with you, and will encourage you not to lose hope in the beginning when you might feel this way.

A lot of other organizations in the university will also cater to your interest like sports or dance, mentor program and many more that will help you adjust on your student life here at CBS.

First of all, thinking that I have finished a degree and have gained job experience back in the Philippines doesn’t mean that I will be the best in the class. You have to bear in mind that CBS students are very challenging and very smart students regardless of their age. It is surprising to know, at least for me, of how much opinion they can give to a certain issue and in a way it is a good thing, learning with them, as I gained a different perspective on how to see things different from my own experiences.

I am very much of an outgoing person, I thought that it would be very easy for me to approach my classmates and be friends with them, but in a way it wasn’t that easy because of a culture differences among us. Different interest and language is a major factor. What seems funny or interesting for me might not be the same for them. So I think, at the beginning you have to just try and don’t be afraid to get to know your classmates. Learn to socialize and attend some activities that your program offers, or join different organizations where you share the same interest, it will give you a chance to get a glimpse of what makes these people tick!… and then, you will know where to hit the button next time you approach them. Be sociable and just be brave to get to know them and you will be amaze of how similar you can actually be with them.

My programme

The most exciting thing about my program I think is the good balance of student life and social life. We have a lot of activities and our study loads are very manageable. We have the lowest drop out percentage of students as well. The most challenging part of my program is writing a lot of essays.

I am fond of both academic and social aspect of my study, I think it is great! Social aspect gives you a sense of enjoyment while Academic aspect prepares you for your future endeavor. I plan to use my degree in the future to back up my previous job experience and used this to get a job internationally.

I think my program is a good match for my interest and my personality. I like to learn more about people and what makes them behave or react given a certain type of environment. The combination of studying people and society combined with business is the ultimate combination for me.

What surprises me about my program at CBS is the laid back environment. Responsibility and being responsible is probably one of the things that I learned being at CBS. Here I feel that students are taught in a way that they learned from the heart and being responsible is a big part of it because your time at school will not be long but you will be given a lot of readings to do and some home-works that you have to do at your own time. In this way, students learned to be more responsible because they will be presented with a choice of either do their part or be a slacker. It is not the same way as we were taught in the University in the Philippines where students are told to do things. Here, you will feel that the university is there not to tell you DO things but to help you learn from within, showcase your creativity and your talent, you gained knowledge at your own pace and your professor and the university are your support group.

CBS is very democratic institution. Students are encourage to voice out their opinion with regards to university situation or their professor or any issues that relates to their student life and how they can maximize their knowledge gain at the university.

Gaining friends is a bit difficult at first but now, I am surprise of how many people I can actually go out with during my free time.

Adjusting with their kind of teaching here can be a little bit tricky as well but its just a matter of adjustments and a little help from teacher, student hub and friends. The International Student Ambassador (ISA) is also a very great help for me, they are like my family in CBS. They will all help and support you.

What is tough in your programme? The tough part of my program is learning to write a lot of essays! It is a bit hard especially if you don’t know where to start. But in my program, we had a special course in writing essays and it helps a lot. You will be assigned with a study group as well which can help you discuss specific topic at your level. You can do some brain storming with your study group and this will help you  get you started.

My advice

Don’t be arrogant and thinks that you are better than other. Be friendly and get to know your classmates. Be sociable and do not distance yourself from the group, they might think that you are inapproachable and might not approach, and then you will feel that they don’t like you. (Which is the opposite)

Think first before you talk. Remember that there are cultural differences among international students, they might not get your jokes right away or some people might think that what you are saying is offensive. Be sensitive and try to observe first before start talking.

I wish I had known how to use the e-campus. Then it would be easier for me to learn a lot of practical information for almost everything about my course and CBS.

I wish I had known about ISA webpage on Facebook, because then It would have been easier for me to get informed on different activities for international students like me.