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My choice

My choice of a program involved basically three things:

  1.  To study in an international environment where I could meet peers from all around the world.
  2. To be among ambitious and bright students that could inspire and motivate me
  3. To study in a university that exposes the students to the corporate world

My main concentration of study in high school was science (mathematics, physics, and chemistry), thus, the natural field of study afterward would be within science. However, I wanted to try something new and make a career in the corporate world. And to be honest, I also wanted a job with international opportunities and a decent paycheck.

Upon graduation, I considered three programs: 1) HA.mat. 2) Economics at University of Copenhagen and 3) International Business. The mathematics in the programs was important to me since I felt mathematics was a useful tool to make sound decisions. Out of these three programs, IB had less mathematics which weighed the program down. But compared to other programs, IB scored high on international opportunities (exchange and GLOBE) and on study environment. I felt that CBS was the right place for me because I could grow an international network through organizations and clubs and get exposure to the corporate world. Personally, it was a tradeoff between the more rigorous Economics program at KU, which would equip me with solid knowledge and skills, and the IB program, which had (and still has) a brilliant study environment. Since IB do not offer as much mathematics as Economics at KU or HA.mat, I figured that I would complement the IB program with mathematics as electives. This reasoning resulted in IB as a first choice.

My programme

One of the main reasons why I chose IB was firstly that CBS offered exchange opportunities on the bachelor program in contrary to Economics at KU. Furthermore, IB offered additional exchange opportunities within the program (GLOBE program). As I aspired a career overseas, the IB program was a great match between my aspirations and the exchange opportunities within the program.

I realized during my high school three factors that influenced my learning: 1) My own efforts, 2) The teachers, and 3) My fellow students. To be frank, the quality of the professors’ and exercise teachers’ teaching vary from quarters to quarters. Furthermore, you do not have much face time with your teachers. However, the bright students in IB can complement the, from time to time, lack of quality. Sometimes I learn more from my fellow students than what I would learn from the lecture. Additionally, the students are engaged in many different activities such as CBS clubs which motivates and inspires me.

My advice

Figure out what is important to you. Do you want to study in an international setting? Do you want to study a rigorous curriculum? Are softer subjects or more hardcore subjects important to you?

Once you are enrolled you might get the question: “Investment banking or management consulting?” Don’t despair, I did not know what it was nor what it meant. There are also careers outside investment banking and management consulting. Choose what fits you the best.

Remember you are only young once!