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My choice

The reason I chose to study at CBS and BSc. International Business was to get a broad education with international elements. I come with a background from a “normal” high school, and did not have the same insight as people from a business high school in which way they wanted to specialize themselves.

IB gave me the possibility of diving into many different courses during my bachelor, and through that I could figure out which way I wanted to go with my Master studies. It is an advantage that the entire education is in english and with many international students, if you are dreaming about making a career abroad – which I want to do myself.

There is a high academic level at IB, which challenges all students. That is also one of the reasons why I chose to study International Business.

My programme

I have been very happy to study International Business at CBS.


International Business offers a broad variety of courses, but delivers them all in a high academic level. The more time you spend at the programme, the better you understand the interconnections between the courses and how they supplement each other. It is natural to have a greater interest for some specific courses, and you can regret not taking a education only with these kind of courses. For me this applied especially to the economic and financial courses such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Corporate Finance. Luckily you have the possibility of going on exchange or taking electives at CBS during the 5th semester. Here you are able to dive into areas you are more interested in. All in all, I am very satisfied with such a broad bachelor degree, that opens up for a lot of different possibilities with regards to your Master studies.


You can fear that the social elements will be less prioritized than the academic when you are studying at one of the educations with the highest grade requirements. However it is not like that all. The social is as big a part as the academic. You gain the most from your studies by using and discussing with your fellow students. All students at IB are incredibly ambitious, both inside and outside of CBS. It can be an inspiration to figuring out what you want to do, but you can also learn a lot by listening to others talk about their studentsjobs or their participation in student organisations.

My advice

Make sure you understand which courses are part of the education and do not only read the general description. It is going to be three long years, if you only have a genuine interest for half of the courses.

Take part in social events – especially the introduction programme. It is a nice way of getting to know your fellow students before the studies start.

Explore the best way for you to study. You can find inspiration in your fellow students, but don’t feel pressured to do exactly the same, as it is not certain it will work for you.