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My choice

For me, the choice of SEM was a matter of checking in the boxes that fulfilled my requirements for a university degree. A few examples of such boxes were:

English to be the taught language to make it more applicable worldwide.

International environment was a must to get to know different cultures and broaden perspectives.

Active social life where I could develop people-skills and allow my administrative side to shine.

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I wanted a solid base and a good understanding of the business world to begin with. I could then build on top of that. I chose SEM because I wanted a broad degree that would open many doors as I was (and still am) not quite sure what I wanted to be when I grow up.

I wanted to live in Denmark and preferred Copenhagen to Aarhus/Aalborg. What captured me the most about CBS was the emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility and SEM then specializes in, what I felt was the foundation for most companies, service. The volume of the CBS social life also charmed me, especially the Choir and the Feminist Society. The only thing I would have wanted to do better was to research the other 19 programs more before making a final decision.

My programme

SEM gives you a lot of possibilities. In regard to masters we have many options to choose from (the same ones for example as IB-students) as we are trained to build up, manage and run firms. You are introduced to management studies, how firms work and evolve over time, how to do research and to avoid pitfalls on your way and much more. Choosing a concentration before even starting the programme was scary but you soon realize that the difference between the three concentrations is not that big. Each course will give you a final project and that is mostly where you work within your concentration.

SEM is known for being a practical study, which I love. The most exciting part of it is to work with actual cases and firms, for example in our First Year Marketing Project. We are known for doing well in cross-study case competitions and our first day is actually dedicated to that! However, it is also a broad study which is where I found it challenging to make the courses’ content interconnect and get an overview of the general curriculum, but it gets easier when you get further into the study. Sometimes I don’t really relate to the capitalistic business world but then I think that if Managerial Economics teaches you to maximize profit in general you can maximize profit for any purpose you want.

SEM is proud of its international mix, good attendance at the school bar Nexus and how we cooperate. CBS expects you to do a lot of self-studying which is why the latest point is important. Study groups are not a big culture at SEM (I still suggest you form one!) but we do still help one another a lot. For our Managerial Economics exam many met at school in groups of 10-20 people and went over our case together. People often meet up around Statistics workshops and do the homework assignments together. We send our assignments around for feedback and often share notes. I encourage you to develop that mindset!

My advice

Feel in your stomach what makes you excited and enthusiastic. Do your research on what options you have and go study that.

For SEM you must be interested in the service aspect of firms/organizations and management techniques. There is quite a bit of math and good English knowledge is required.

Set realistic but ambitious goals and decide on one place where you have an overview of your organizing.

Participate in the amazing social life that CBS has to offer!