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My choice

In regards to my choice of CBS as institution and IB as programme, a number of factors played a role of which some are mentioned here.

I have always had an interest in the international and global aspect of business and life. A year of studying in England helped confirm that I undoubtedly wanted to apply to a programme which was taught in English, and with an international composition of students.

After having lived in Aarhus for the largest part of my childhood and youth, it might have been more obvious to choose to apply to Aarhus School of Business (now part of Aarhus University), and though I did indeed look into the programmes and also applied for Economics and Business Administration, I never doubted that IB was my preferred programme.

This is particularly due the quarter-structure and the subjects, but also due to the numerous potential international twists during the programme like GLOBE or exchange to one of the many partner universities.

The most important for my choice of programme was not what I could use it for afterwards. I had a sense of what I wanted to achieve with my studies and in what general direction I wished for it to take me, though I had no set idea as to what to do for a living once I came out on the other side. Hence my choice of IB was much more driven by what I felt would give me the best experiences and develop me the most as a person during the three years.

My programme

I feel the IB was definitely the right programme for me. However, I also believe that there can be more than just one right programme, and as such it might not necessarily have ended up badly if I had chosen otherwise.

From the beginning I tried to have an open mind, with as few expectations as possible, as I feel this helps in evaluating your choice of programme more objectively than if you have a number of set targets for how you expect it to be, or believe it should be. I feel the professional level is high, probably to a large extent driven by the enthusiasm and passion for learning of the students. This is supplemented by the professors, who are all very knowledgeable though their presentation skills might differ substantially.

Regarding the study environment, I had heard a number of stories from past students from IB and other programmes at CBS. I feel that these “horror-stories” have very much been belied by the cohesion across nationalities, years and the programme in general. There are numerous events and social happenings, and fellow students are always ready to help out with both IB related issues and whatnot.

In terms of the difficulties of starting IB, the toughest on my part was getting back into the habit of studying after working full-time for two years. This is undoubtedly something that can be difficult no matter the programme you choose, but the quarter-structure of IB and first exams already in October puts extra pressure on your adaptability. For me it was particularly helpful to create a study group that goes well together, both academically and socially.

My advice

Four things are important in your choice of study; brain and heart, gut-feeling and a bit of luck. Be carefull not to choose IB on account of what other people say or because it requires a high GPA. Choose IB because you find the subjects to be interested and because you appreciate the opportunities the programme presents.

Being a student at university can be the best as well as the worst years of your life – It depends on what you make of it. The academics are obviously important, but if you want to make the most of your time at CBS and IB, it is vital to remember that so much more is happening all the time, both on IB and across programmes.

There is no right or wrong way to study IB, as we each have our own optimal way of making the days make sense and managing our time. So though some students might have the, in their eyes, best solution, it does not necessarily mean that their solution is going to work for you.