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  • Being new in Denmark
  • Working while studying
  • Time management and workload
  • Academic content of the programme
  • Teaching style and exams
  • Advice on housing and living expenses
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My choice

I chose to study at CBS because it has a very good reputation and is filled with ambitious people. I wanted an international aspect in my education but also a programme with a wide range of subjects. I knew I wanted to study in Copenhagen because it is full of opportunities in social activities which CBS also offers many options in and I have in no way been disappointed. I was very surprised with starting at International Business because I was a little prejudice about the people who go there. However in the end they are all just young people who want the best in their education and enjoy their youth and student life.

My programme

The best thing about studying International Business is that you always think over the borders of tiny Denmark. You need to always think about the greater view of the world and is thus challenged in a new way which just feeds to your curiosity in the world. It helps that everything is in English because it feels more useful in an international aspect. I would personally like to work abroad at some point and when you get used to everything being in English it doesn’t feel that far or scary anymore.

In our first year of studies we have subjects concerning why and how companies expand to new countries. Specifically why they chose the countries they chose. I personally felt that very interesting.

Some of the tougher things with International Business is that the subjects run in Quarters. This means you are taught two subjects for about 7 weeks and then have final exam and after that start two new subjects. It makes the subjects a bit more intense than other study programs at CBS. I like it though because you only have to think about two subjects at a time and can thus be more engaged in those.

My advice

My best advice when choosing a study programme is to choose something you genuinely think is interesting and not just choosing based on the name of the programme. You will need to spend many hours and late nights studying why it is important you find it interesting. Then it doesn’t feel that bad to study.

My second advice is to be present and engaged in the start of the programme and the intro week. You need to be open to whatever is thrown at you because it is at this point everything starts and friendships are made which are important throughout your studies.

My last advice is to spend the time planning your everyday life. It is important to learn how to prioritize what you want to spend your time on and what is really means something to you. Furthermore it is important to also spend time on something of your own interest so everything is not just all about studies or maybe work.