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My choice

I knew I wanted to study at CBS after attending the Open House in 2014. I considered CBS a university with a huge emphasis on preparing students for business life and also a place with talented and ambitious students and a good international reputation. I had been to Open House at Copenhagen University which I also found interesting, however I felt it was more academic, where I preferred the focus CBS has on careers.

Before starting, I expected to meet talented and ambitious students to spar with, hear about career possibilities and perhaps get a student job, and all these expectations have been realized. Like many others, I had heart that CBS was the for place rich people from north of Copenhagen and snobs in suits. I wasn’t that worried about this, though, as the upper secondary I attended had a similar reputation, which I did not experience in reality. There may be students at CBS who fit the stereotype, however it is not something that I have felt is a problem at CBS. Nor have I experienced the idea of a certain “CBS type” of student to be true in my cohort which contains many different personalities.

Because I come from Odense I had to move to Copenhagen to study at CBS, and like many others I went through a tough search for accommodation. Luckily I ended up finding an apartment on Amager where I have a commute time of 20-30 minutes in metro to get to the five campuses where I can have lessons.

My programme

Actually, I didn’t know what to expect from the course. Before I went to the Open Day presentation I had never as much as thought of shipping as a career path for me. As it turns out, the programme is a good match for me because I like that the shipping industry is truly international. The course also allows me to go to Singapore on exchange, work as an intern at a shipping firm and still provides me with a lot of possible master degrees.

The most interesting thing about my programme so far is having shipping-related subjects such as Maritime Economics, Maritime Law and Economic Aspects of Maritime Law where we get people from the industry coming out to teach us. Having people who are not university employees but have a lot of experiences to share and the fact that we are not 200 people in an auditorium but 10-15 people in a small classroom, where the teacher actually gets to know each of us, is really cool.

For me, the most challenging thing has been the fact that I want to achieve high marks. I haven’t found it hard to pass any subjects, but I have had a harder time achieving top grades than in upper secondary. In my batch, I haven’t experienced any people struggling with the English skills required, however some people have had difficulties with the mathematical subjects (e.g. Statistics, Microeconomics, Corporate Finance).

I like both the social and academic aspects of my programme. Our cohort is quite small (16 students left) which gives us the opportunity to really participate in the classes and learn a lot from our teachers. The small size also means that we know each other really well. Honestly, I feel that we are a bit spoiled!

When i finish my bachelor degree I would either like to stay within the maritime industry and start in a shipping firm or go more into a financial/trader path and head towards the commodity trader business. Or head straight on to a master’s degree abroad. At some point, I’d definitely want to do a master or an MBA.


My advice

Don’t think about the expectations of others but choose what you think you’ll like the most. Both in regards of academic content but also what kind of students apply for that specific course. I liked both the subjects and the international aspect of International Business but was also highly motivated by the thought of talented and ambitious peers, which is why I had it as my priority after shipping. Apart from that, I tried not to overthink my choice of education and I think I would’ve been happy with any BSc or HA if I had chosen them. I liked CBS and chose shipping because it seemed like an interesting opportunity to get insight into something new while still keeping a lot of opportunities open.

I think working with shipping is most fun if you like internationalization and following market trends.

Be open towards other people.