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  • Being active in student organisations
  • Being new in Denmark
  • Working while studying
  • The study environment at CBS
  • Time management and workload
  • Academic content of the programme
  • Going on exchange
  • Teaching style and exams
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My choice

I decided to study International Business and Politics (IBP) at CBS because I knew i enjoyed both math and social sciences in high school. I really wanted to attend an interdisciplinary program with the opportunity to both learn economics while also discussing political topics. Alternatively I considered studying economics or social science on its own. I ended up choosing CBS as it was possible to work between these two disciplines while at the same time adding a business angle. Additionally, I wished to study in English in an international environment. This was possible at IBP at CBS.

My programme

IBP turned out to be the right choice even though I was in doubt during my first half year. I had very high expectations and did not feel that the courses during the first semester lived up to those. At the same time I was doubting whether I could find a job with an interdisciplinary educational background such as IBP and if I was even learning anything useful in real life.

It all seemed less interdisciplinary and practical than I thought it would be. However, there were a variety of things I particularly enjoyed at IBP that made me stay and even led to me studying the same masters program. I very much enjoy the interdisciplinary courses that came after having the basics in place. I also think that the program is very flexible and allows for a lot of opportunities such as exchange, internships, student-jobs and room for social activities.

I was personally on exchange at University of Toronto in Canada. Besides these advantages, the IBP program also has a very strong social life. There are a lot of opportunities to engage and my experience is that it is one of the most social programs at CBS. People are very engaged and different, which means there is room for everyone. However, that I had chosen the perfect program for me was not clear until I had an internship where I directly applied the skills acquired from the IBP program. I worked 6 months with Public Affairs at H. Lundbeck A/S and I currently have a student job in the Danish Business Authority where I work with international trade and security. Two very different jobs but both extremely IBP relevant and both areas where I could see myself work when I complete my masters in International Business and Politics.

My advice

It is important that you are interested in politics, economics and business as all three elements constitute the program. There will always be some courses you find more interesting than others but you need to want to learn it all. If you would prefer just studying one of the three areas, CBS has other programs better suited for you.

Do not be stopped by councerns about your future. IBP opens up a lot of doors and a lot of the mare in the end of the day created by the coices you make while you study.

Copenhagen is a cool city to live in while you are young – there are plenty of places you could go, but this is deffineatly one of the good ones!