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  • Working while studying
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My choice

After completing my upper secondary education back in Estonia, I felt the need to travel a bit. Shortly after I moved to Italy to study the language and travel the country. One year later I was finally ready and full of energy to continue my studies! I knew I wanted to study abroad. When researching business schools, I found CBS and took the time to read through all the programmes.

I was immediately drawn to BLC! The combination of economics, cultural analysis and French felt like the right choice to me, especially since I studied both French and economics in high school and gained some cultural awareness during my year abroad.

Though the thought of moving to Denmark scared me at first, this opportunity to study at CBS was just too good to pass. I did encounter several difficulties that naturally come with moving to a new country, however I managed to find a new home and a new student job quite quickly.

Perhaps I simply got lucky with choosing the right programme for myself, however I believe that when we trust our gut and try to forget the scary bits we tend to choose the right path for ourselves more often than not!

My programme

The most exciting this about BLC is definitely the mix of humanities and social sciences. I was always more inclined towards the humanities in my previous studies, so it was interesting to learn more about social sciences, especially through area studies and business administration courses. The latter was definitely challenging at first, but the more time went by the easier it got as I began discovering interconnections between all our courses. Moreover, you get diversity not only in regards to the academic content, but also in regards to the people attending. Generally, BLC is a very international programme, which makes it so much fun!

One of the biggest challenges for me during the first year were the long academic texts and oral presentations in my second foreign language. However, I tried to keep up the best I could and asked for help a lot from my fellow students as well as my professors. I would recommend that you do the same if you find yourself in a similar situation, since you are definitely not the first nor the last one struggling with area studies. It will get better with time as you will become more efficient in both managing your time as well as recognizing difficult words and terms in your second foreign language.

Having graduated from BLC this summer, I can wholeheartedly recommend the programme for everyone passionate about culture, business studies and improving your second foreign language through an exchange experience.

My advice

Expect the level of your chosen language to be quite high. Many students struggle to keep up with the very demanding area studies readings, however do not get discouraged - you will find a study strategy that works for you!

Try to set realistic grade expectations for yourself. BLC programme consists of several diverse and challenging academic fields, which also means it is much harder to ace every single one of your exams.

Above all, remember to find a balance between study and relaxation in order to do the things that make you smile!