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My choice

It’s quite simple I guess; I wanted to study business administration and CBS ranks amongst the top business schools in the world.

CBS quite quickly became the obvious choice. Since I’d been studying at an international high school it wasn’t really difficult for me to decide for an international study program.

SEM is uniquely designed to offer something for everyone, despite differences in preferences within the business world. Through the ’concentrations’ you can choose what to focus on, which was a big selling point for me when I was choosing my study program.

Besides the above, I considered what I would want to do in the future, and again SEM offers you a widely applicable education where you have a range of opportunities following the bachelor degree.

My programme

SEM offers a beautiful mixture of people from all over the world, which helps create an awesome and unique atmosphere. I started my studying with expectations towards the social and the curricular activities, and on both fronts, I’ve been positively surprised.

In terms of the actual schoolwork, it is at times very challenging, whilst at other times very do-able. I guess it depends on what you as a person are good at!

Socially SEM is amazing. There is noticeable effort put into creating an inviting and open social life, where everyone can join in, despite being from different parts of the world.

I love meeting new people, and especially new people from new cultures and backgrounds. My choice wasn’t difficult; this was the course that felt right!

My advice

When you choose your study program, pick something that’ll make you want to get up in the morning!

When you start your study program, remember to read your homework in due time! Nothing sucks more than having to nerd an entire course in one week (and it rarely turns out good either)

Engage in the social life, it’s amazing!