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  • Being active in student organisations
  • Being new in Denmark
  • Time management and workload
  • Going on exchange
  • Teaching style and exams
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My choice

I have always been interested in traveling, learning new languages, and exploring foreign cultures, so choosing a study program with a cultural and international dimension seemed natural to me. Although I did not know exactly what I wanted to do professionally, I thought that the combination of economics and social sciences was a good foundation for a job in an international environment. The prospect of being taught not only in English, but also in my second foreign language, Spanish, was intriguing enough for me to apply to CBS.

My programme

The most exciting aspect of BLC is definitely the interdisciplinary nature of the program with a combination of economics and social sciences. At the same time, this was also the most challenging part of the program. Math has never been my greatest strength, so I initially struggled with classes such as microeconomics. However, the great thing about BLC is that it is a very diverse program, i.e. different students are good at different courses. Creating study groups and learning from my fellow students definitely helped me overcome some academic challenges.

Looking back at my undergraduate studies at BLC, I especially enjoyed going on exchange and improving my Spanish skills, making friends from different countries, and learning to be more open-minded.

My advice

The level of Spanish at BLC was definitely higher than I expected before starting the program. Having lived in or travelled to Spanish-speaking countries helps a lot with regards to the language aspect but reading books and newspapers or watching Spanish movies is also a great way to brush up your language skills.

BLC is interdisciplinary, which means that it combines different academic fields within the same program. Therefore, it is natural that you will like some courses better than others. Stay focused and on top of your workload in the courses that you find challenging.

Get involved! Joining a student organization is a great way to make friends from different programs and get to know the CBS culture better.