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  • Working while studying
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My choice

I came to Denmark from China when I was 3 years old with my family, so the Chinese culture and language has always been something that I wanted to understand more and be more fluently (both writing and speaking) this was my passion but I also had great interest in the business aspect of China so it was the program IBA that CBS offered was perfect for me. Transforming from high school level to university level was challenging especially as the Chinese level at CBS was about hundred times more advanced. So I was introduced to a lot of different study techniques that helped me along the way and finally I “created” my own study technique which was a combination of many. I think it is normal to be nervous of the social aspect when starting a new program, let along a new school but everybody was very welcoming and CBS also has many means to socialize.

My programme

Everything was very exciting for me because everything was new but I was quite nervous of the Chinese part of the programme and whether or not my Chinese level would meet the requirements of CBS and it didn’t at first so I prioritized it greatly and ended up with A and B’s. My programme was a good match for me because I was looking for something that had both Chinese and business which IBA has. This degree will eventually be the bridge for me when I start my career in either a Chinese company in Denmark or China or a Danish company in China because it is crucial to understand the culture, language but also the business aspect.

My advice

Follow your own interest and not the flow

Be yourself, I know it’s cliché but you want people to like you for who you are and not someone you think they like.

One step at the time, nothing good comes easy