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My choice

Choosing a study programme can be really challenging, especially when you do not have a clear idea about what it is exactly that you would like to study. My case was a bit special. I actually studied Marketing (not at CBS) before I started at the BSc SOC programme. As part of that course I have taken an internship at a start-up company, which had lot of challenges regarding leadership and the internal organizational structure. Back then I researched a lot about organizational studies and theories and it interested me so much, that I immediately started to research for a study programme, which focuses on such topics. That is how I found SOC, and ever since then, I never doubted that this is the study programme for me. That, however, does not mean that there are no subjects or topics, which I find hard or not that interesting. And I think that is perfectly okay!


My programme

BSc SOC is quite unique and complex. Our subjects are mixed between ‘general’ business administration courses, organizational studies, sociology courses and courses about research conducting. It might sound complicated, but I promise you, they all correlate. In fact, lot of the exams we do at SOC require us to integrate different subjects, which allows you to find the link between the theories and real life examples.

At SOC, we are a quite diverse group of people and due to the size of our programme, we are also able to engage in interesting conversations, even with our teachers during class. The teaching style at SOC is pretty laid back, as we are able to interrupt our teachers and ask questions, which I find extremely beneficial.

What I find really valuable about the BSc SOC programme, is the fact that it requires us to challenge our minds and go beyond our knowledge. It is not anymore the high school style of learning, when you have to remember the curriculum. You actually have to criticize and challenge views and ideas with the use of the curriculum. This is hard for almost everyone to start with, but later on it becomes one of the greatest skills you acquire throughout your studies

My advice

Before choosing a study programme do your research! Make sure you choose something you are truly interested in, however do not expect the programme to be shaped around your interest. There might be subjects and courses that you will find less interesting or irrelevant. That does not necessarily means that the programme is not for you!

Make sure to benefit from the CBS experience! CBS is not all about classes and exams. There are so many opportunities, when it comes to extracurricular activities and student organizations. It does not only benefit your CV, but also allows you to meet people from different study programmes and different backgrounds.

Make sure you are ready to study! No one will force you to go to classes or prepare for exams, therefore you definitely need to have the mindset ready!