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My choice

I thought it was very hard choosing what programme to study. I was considering many different studies including medicine, law and international business. The reason why I landed on studying IB was that it was very wide and there are numerous opportunities both during the study and afterwards. Since I didn’t have a clear cut view of what I wanted to study afterwards, it was important that it wasn’t too specific and that I could specialize in a certain branch afterwards.

My programme

What I like most about IB is that it is very diverse. The courses are very different and so are the exams. Every course has it’s own ‘way’ and presents a different way of learning. There is also a nice progression in the courses that build on each other, which makes it easier to connect the courses into a bigger perspective.

We have exams every 8 weeks with practically no breaks in between quarters. That makes it a VERY intensive study program and once the semester starts, it’s pretty chaotic until the day it finishes. It helps to motivate me and therefore I really like following the quarter form, but it also means that time management is an important skill to learn.

One tough thing about IB is that there is a lot of competition especially in the first semester. However, once you get to know people it is easier to focus on the social aspect of studying and the competition slowly gets less.

My advice

The first quarter is an experiment. Don’t expect too much of yourself because it’s impossible to do everything ‘right’ from the beginning. Accept that it takes time adjusting to being a student at CBS.

If you are the active type and like to work out, don’t let go of your workouts if things get a bit stressful because it gives a lot of energy and it is an excellent way of taking a break and returning with a fresh mind and body.