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My choice

I had the opportunity to partake in the Student Days at CBS. Those two days totally changed my perspective of CBS. In addition to that, I also went to open house and spoke to friends who already studied at CBS. When I discovered BLC I was sold. The combination of business, language and culture sounded very appealing to me, as I was very interested in the international aspect BLC offers.

In regard to the academic content I was a bit worried that everything now was going to be in English, so the proficiency and level in English was something I felt a bit intimidated about, but I felt ready to take on the challenge.

My programme

I feel very lucky to be a BLC student. Even though students come from a variety of countries, cultures and backgrounds, the students are extremely good at bringing all people together. In BLC there is a saying: we do not judge, we help each other out, and are nice to everyone, which I believe is true.

Academic content

I think the most challenging course were Area Studies (Spanish). Area Studies for me was particularly difficult because I only had studied Spanish for three years. I was told that it would take approx. 3-4 weeks to adjust, but I still struggle in our Area Studies. I remember I was very overwhelmed with the level and workload. It took a lot of time to prepare for lectures and to understand what was going on during lectures as well.  Even though it is challenging I still find it interesting.

We also have courses like Globalisation Studies and British & American Studies. Both courses are very interesting and highly relevant. Moreover, are there great and competent professors, which is a very motivating factor for me.

Social Life

Social life at BLC and CBS in general is very fun! I have enjoyed Nexus with my fellow BLC students but also BLC students from other semesters, it was a great opportunity to expand my network. BLC also has its own party committee, Grotesque, which plans parties and events for BLC students. We had a very successful ‘back to the 90s´party, which I absolutely loved. Another important aspect, is that CBS has student organisations, which is a great opportunity to meet students from other programmes. I am myself involved with CBS Running and I have met so many nice people there.


The most exciting thing about the BLC programme is that we get the opportunity to go on exchange to a country, where our second foreign language is spoken. I really believe you improve your language whilst being on exchange and the idea of living in another country for a semester seems so much fun and daunting at the same time.  I cannot wait till it is my turn to go on exchange.

My advice

Always go with your guts feeling. Deep down you might already know what to choose.

If possible, partake in the student days. You can get a glimpse into what CBS and the BLC programme are really like, which can be helpful in choosing your bachelor.

If possible, participate in the introduction days as these days are very important to getting a good start at BLC and to know more about CBS.

Have a genuine interest in your second foreign language, as it is a huge part of BLC and also because it is a course you will have throughout your entire bachelor.