I can help with

  • Being active in student organisations
  • Being new in Denmark
  • The study environment at CBS
  • Advice on housing and living expenses
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My choice

In high school, my favorite subjects were social science, psychology, and philosophy. I wanted to find a business program that included these subjects. Luckily, I knew a few friends at CBS that told me really good things about all the different programs that were offered which got me interested in looking at the CBS school website to learn more. I went to CBS.dk and then I clicked study -> all programs -> compare programs. This was a helpful tool for me to see which program would fit my interest best. With this tool, I could compare the different programs that I thought sounded intriguing, quickly deciding that SOC would be my 1st choice!

My programme

I have always attended very small schools so I appreciate that SOC is a program with smaller classes compared to most programs at CBS. We help each other rather than compete against each other. It’s less of a competitive atmosphere which makes it very easy to ask other students for help. There is always someone willing to help you if there is a part of a course you find hard to understand or if you have missed a class and need to get something explained to you.

My advice

Make sure to not miss intro! It is not only extremely fun but also a great opportunity to network and make connections and learn things that will be useful throughout your years at CBS. If you have not found housing before intro starts, make sure to ask all your classmates and tutors about any tips they might have.

Joining a student organization is a great way to meet new people from different programs in school. There are a lot of interesting organizations to join but make sure you have time to be active in the ones you chose. I did not join one until my second semester because I needed my first semester to get used to going back to study again after 2 gap years, making new friends, and getting used to living in Copenhagen.