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My choice

I primarily chose to study IB because of the following two reasons:

I came directly from high school where I knew I wanted to study something within the field of business, however I had no idea about what specific direction I wanted to go. I therefore chose to study IB, which I see as a very comprehensive program that would allow me to try every role within an international business from the account to the entrepreneur. Furthermore, IB opens a lot of doors in relation to future choice of Master programs, which I also saw as a big advantage.

The people. Studying with a lot of ambitious and bright people was very appealing to me as I would not only be able to learn by sitting at a lecture but I would also be able to learn from my fellow peers.

My programme

As mentioned, one of the reasons I chose IB was because of the people, and my fellow peers are also one of my favorite things about my program. For the entire first year of my studies, I felt impressed every time I sat next to someone in class I had not talked a lot to before. You are going to study together with a group of people who have accomplished a lot in many different aspects, which are very motivating. This may sound a bit intimidating which it also was for me but it is important to remember that every person who gets accepted to the program have deserved it. It should be seen as a motivation that you know that no matter what you can learn something from the person next to you either on a personal or a professional level.

Personally, the most challenging thing about my program was the quarter structure. The seven weeks where you have two courses can be very intense and if it is a course you find interesting you might feel that you could go more in depth with the course. Because of the very intense weeks, it is very important that you structure you quarter since the curriculum is simply way too big to study the last two weeks before an exam. However, the quarter structure also has its advantages. For example, you only have to focus on two courses at a time and you start on something new after the 7 weeks, which can feel, very rewarding and refreshing.

My advice

Engage socially:
Both IB and CBS have countless opportunities to engage socially and you simply can survive university with out others.

Personal ambitions:
You can very easily become stressed over other ambitions but it is important to figure out what is important to YOU.

Do something else then CBS
Your next three years is going to be revolving around CBS and it is important to do something besides CBS. It does not matter whether it is sports or watching “FRIENDS” – just remember to take your time to do it.