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  • Being active in student organisations
  • The study environment at CBS
  • Time management and workload
  • Academic content of the programme
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My choice

BSc in International Business and Politics

My programme

What initially made me interested in studying BSc International Business and Politics was the academic combination of the solid business and economics education, and the understanding of how political decisions and environments influence the global economy and companies. My expectations of student life and university environment are in line of what I had hoped for – the programme is challenging and demanding, and there is always an opportunity to learn more thanks to the network and student organisations at CBS and in Copenhagen

An aspect which I like in particular is the international focus of the programme – it encompasses everything from studying in English and having the opportunity to go on exchange or do an internship, to studying with students with different nationalities.

My advice

It takes a while to get used to a different grade system and examination processes – don’t stress about it. It can be hard to grasp at first but you’ll fall into the rhythm soon enough.

Take a break! Nothing is better than taking a break when you are studying a lot and intensely. Have a study-free day, watch Netflix for hours, or go travel over a weekend without feeling guilty!

Stick with your guts – it’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else thinks and does, but my advice is to do what feels best for you. You will feel much more confident and inspired and it will make studying and motivation come much more natural.