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My choice

My point of departure when choosing my study program was my interest for the political and economic interaction and how it affects our everyday life. In combination with this, I wanted to be in an international environment with people who motivate me. After a trip to Copenhagen and a visit at CBS, it felt like the perfect choice for me.

I compared the different programs in order to get an overview of what they offered. I did not know what preferred until I with mixed emotions found Business, Language and Culture. This program caught my interest especially due to the mix of business and language courses, and the opportunity to learn more about different business cultures. I understood that it was going to be challenging since I had not spoken French for two years, but on the other hand I remembered how energizing it was to make progress in a foreign language. A final reason to why I choose CBS and BLC is the possibility to go on exchange during the fifth semester. I am super excited to live in a French speaking country for a semester and be able to use the language in reality.

My programme

After one year of BLC studies, it is safe to say that my expectations have been exceeded! We get the possibility to take in a lot of interesting and updated knowledge that motivates me to learn more. No matter what program you choose, it must be remembered that it is demanding to study at university. In addition, all courses will not be interesting for everyone, which I believe is completely fine!

I have still not figured out what I want to do after my education, which is why I really appreciate the mix of courses since that helps me find out what I am most passionate about. Already during the second semester, BLC students get the possibility to write a 1st year project. The project is a great opportunity to practice academic writing, work in a group, and to understand how what you have learned during your first year can be used in a bigger context.

Social Life

There are endless of advantages of studying in a big city such as Copenhagen, one of them is that it attracts people with all kinds of backgrounds. Many of the BLC students have chosen an international program because they want to meet new people. This contributes to a nice atmosphere where we are social and helpful, both inside and outside the classrooms, for example on the events that are planned by BLCs very own party committee.

My advice

Take time to choose a study program that you are willing to invest a lot of energy in. Uni life is demanding, and you are doing yourself a favor if you chose an area of study that you are passionate about

If you have the possibility to join the intro weeks before the school starts, I highly recommend that you do. I hesitated since I had not met any of my classmates before going, but for that reason I do not regret for a second that I joined. It is a great way to meet new friends and to start your uni life with a good feeling.

If you have any issues or thoughts, there are most certainly someone in you close surrounding that have experienced the same thing. Use your new friends and mentors to figure things out!