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My choice

I chose to study at CBS and more specifically at BSc International Business for the following reasons:

The programme is very broad which gives me the opportunity to learn about all the different aspects of business administration. This was important for me as I didn’t have business courses in my upper secondary education, so I didn’t know exactly what part of business administration I wanted to specialize in.

The programme is very international which I found important because I would like to have the possibility of an international career. Furthermore, I see it as a nice bonus that I will learn to talk about and discuss my subjects in English, which I see as a benefit for my future.

The academic level of my fellow students is very high, and to me this is one of the biggest strengths of the IB-programme. This means that you are constantly being challenged by the other students, and influenced by their high ambitions and aspirations in life.

My programme

After my first year at IB, I don’t have any doubts that it was the right choice for me. In the beginning, I felt a bit of pressure from the high ambitions of my fellow students and my expectations regarding my own performance. But after a while, you get into the routine of studying, and start to appreciate being surrounded by ambitious and talented people, and learn how to help each other out and draw on each other’s resources.

So far I have been happy with the programme and the possibility of learning about the many different aspects of business administration. I find that this helps me figure out which areas I enjoy working within and maybe want to specialize further within at a later stage.  I am also very happy with the international perspectives of the programme.

Another important aspect is the study environment. I often hear prejudices about the study environment at IB being too ambitious and competitive, but I have been quite happy with it. Even though people are ambitious we are still good at helping each other out and learning from each other. Besides the academic side of it IB students are also good at arranging social activities, and people rarely turn down an opportunity to have a party.

My advice

Go to the Open Day event to hear about the programmes you are considering.

Be sure to participate in the introductary activities - it is SO much fun, and a good way to get to know your fellow students.

Don't stress out about how other people are doing things - try instead to figure out what works for you.