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My choice

To me, the choice of applying to CBS was a wild shot. I knew that CBS had a nice reputation and some interesting studylines, but I knew no one at the school. What ended up being the deciding factor in my choice to apply, was the international environment. CBS is more internationally diverse than any other university in Denmark, and this is clear in the study environment of the school. This diversity means that you get the chance to form friendships with people all around the world, as well as experiencing the benefits of having multi-cultural perspectives on the challenges of student life.

When I started my studies I was worried about the level of math we were facing, but it turned out to be manageable as soon as I learned to read the curriculum before class, and that studying smart, doesn’t necessarily mean studying hard.

My programme

Starting a university education can be hard, especially if you are starting school after one or more sabbatical years. I was in this situation, but i found that the fun of the intro-weeks, and the excitement learning about something you actually find interesting made the experience much easier than I expected it to be. Studying can however be tough for some periods, and the sooner you accept this and learn to roll with the punches the better.

Another thing that helped me tremendously during my studies have been study groups. Even though your group might not be the most productive or ambitious, it is nice to have someone to share your hardships with, and it can ease the reading- and notetaking burden by a lot if you manage to work together.

My advice

When applying for university, it is important that you make your own expectations clear. There is nothing more sad than seeing a classmate drop out of the study, because it wasn’t what he/she had thought it to be. School can be hard work, and you should be ready to put off time for homework and pull all-nighters to reach exam deadlines. A good idea is to get involved with the social environment of your study. This is a great motivation for showing up for class, and being prepared for lectures.

It is definitely also worth checking out one of the more than 100 student organizations of CBS. From CBS wine, to CBS sports there is something for everybody, and it is a great way to make friends outside of your own study.

Lastly, It is by no means a must to know accounting or management beforehand, as the school teaches everyone from a beginners standpoint, but it is definitely a good idea to have some interest in these subjects. It is just more fun to study something you actually want to read about, than something there means nothing to you.