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My choice

I chose CBS because I wanted to try something new and I needed a change of scenery. Denmark is just a short flight away from Norway, and Copenhagen is a large metropol – and along with a well-known Business School, the choice was easy.  Service Management was my second choice when I applied to CBS, but after completing these three years, I could not be happier that this was the programme I was accepted into.

SeM was one of my priorities because of its mixture between business, economics and several other areas. It also provides you with great opportunities if you want to continue your studies with a Master programme, as it grants access to several great choices, which was one of the reasons I chose to accept my offer of a study place. As I moved to a new city and country where I knew no one, I was quite nervous, but after the intro weeks my nerves were at ease. I met a lot of great people who later on have become some of my closets friends and study buddies at school.

My programme

What I like most about SeM is that it is so diverse. We have had subjects in various areas over the years, some more exciting than others. The subjects have been in the areas of organisation, marketing, business, economics, finance and the service industry for instance. There is something for everyone here, and I have learned so much in areas where I prior had little or no knowledge. One of the largest challenges for me was the economic subjects like Managerial Economics and Macro Economics. These are normally written exams where it is common to put in some extra effort when studying for them.

The start of the programme was a bit tough with a lot of reading, group work and learning how to study, but after some time I got used to it and learn how to effectively use my time and how to read, write, study and learn in the best possible way to prepare myself for all the various forms of exams, which range from 4 hours closed/open books to 72hour group projects with oral defence.

I have now graduated from Service Management and will start my Cand. merc. Supply Chain Management in fall 2015 also at CBS. What I like very much is that I now have a broad background in many of the aspects in a business, so that I know a little about everything and can connect the dots of different areas. I think this will provide useful along with a more specialised masters degree.

My advice

Join the intro weeks that take place before the studying and school life starts for real if you have the opportunity. This is a great platform to meet your fellow students and make some new friends!

Don’t worry if you don’t get everything right the first or second time. Learning how to best prepare and study for various forms of exams is a skill you will acquire over time.

Remember to enjoy your time at CBS, while also giving yourself time off to recharge your batteries.