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  • Going on exchange
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My choice

Why did I choose CBS?
After a round trip in SouthAmerica I got hooked on the Spanish language and the diversity of the countries. So when I got back to Denmark, I started looking at the different options for studying Spanish. I was very sceptic towards CBS because I had a lot of prejudices about the place and people studying there. However, when I got to the ‘Open Days’ at the university to hear more about Business, Language and Culture (BLC) I thought ”Did someone make this course for me personally?!”  About BLC, I especially like the academic width:

  • I’ve always been ok at a many things, but never super good at something in particular, so I really like that it’s a mix of maths (which I find difficult but interesting), social sciences (which is a personal interest) and language (which turned out to be difficult but very rewarding)·
  • The opportunity of going on exchange.
  • The international environment and diversity of the students.

The CBS type?
I was really nervous for starting at CBS because I had a lot of prejudices about a business school AND the people from the capital. Today I know this was silly of me , because I have a lot in common with people on my course that all love to travel and proved that my prejudices were completely false. The course is so diverse and A LOT of different types study BLC, which I think is one of the best things about this programme.

My programme

What has been the best for me on BLC?

  • The mix of courses at BLC. At BLC you’ll be a generalist, not a specialist. You’ll learn a bit about a lot, which is perfect for me. I really like economics (though I find it really hard) and I loved the social science aspect of both British and American Studies and the Area Studies of South America and Spain.
  • Exchange. My half year in Colombia has been amazing and the best way for me to finally learn the foreign language. It’s such a great opportunities.

What has been the most difficult for me on BLC?

  • Spanish was really difficult for me. I only just studied Spanish a year before starting at BLC, and I was shocked by the academic level of the Spanish classes. I had never imagined how long it would take to read the texts, and it was very often dull and time-consuming because it was so difficult for me. However, now that I have finished my exchange and the area studies I am really satisfied and finally feel confident with my Spanish.
  • Economics. I am from a social science high school, and we learnt nothing about economics (except from a bit of the politics behind), so I was really nervous about starting on a business school. However, a lot of people didn’t either go to a business high school, so the classes start from scratch. Also, maths is not really my strong side, so I have to put a lot of time and effort into the economics classes.

My advice

Strengthen your Spanish as much as possible before starting at BLC, it’s going to make your studies so much easier and more enjoyable.

Join the FRESH-camp. It’s a really REALLY Danish thing, so it might be a bit of a culture shock, but for me it’s been the best and quickest way of getting to know your fellow students.

Join a student organization. Another really good way to meet new people. There are organizations for almost all hobbies and interest. I am really interested in politics, so I even created my own organization with a group of friends that organize big panel debates about political and economic topics. So if you can’t find anything that suits you, I also strongly recommend you to found your own.