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  • The study environment at CBS
  • Time management and workload
  • Academic content of the programme
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My choice

The reason I chose BLC was for its unique mix of business-related subjects while incorporating culture and language. Previously, I had experience with the Spanish language and wanted to pursue a degree where I could use this experience while keeping in mind the career opportunities the business aspect gives me. I considered different international degrees, but none gave me the option to maintain and improve my level of a third language such as the BLC programme did.

My programme

For me, the language part of BLC is the most exciting and challenging part of the programme. It’s exciting in regards to the opportunity to better one’s third-language skills, but challenging considering the difficulties in learning a language in a classroom. I was positively surprised by the level expected in Spanish as it was the subject I was most motivated to study, and the high expectations required me to continuously work with the subject in order to meet the expectations.

My advice

As of advice for choosing the right programme for you, I would advise you to pursue something you’re genuinely interested in, as you will be using a substantial amount of time on the studies, and lay the foundation for a future career.

Another advice is that if you are interested in business from the international perspective, and motivated to study the cultural and language aspects of it, then the BLC programme might be the right programme for you.