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  • Working while studying
  • Time management and workload
  • Academic content of the programme
  • Going on exchange
  • Teaching style and exams
  • Advice on housing and living expenses
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My choice

The reason I chose to study at CBS was because I lived in a suburb to Copenhagen and didn´t want to move. I was also not that interested in HA almen because after elementary school and high school I wanted to do something a bit more specialized and “exotic”. That was when I found out you could study business and Japanese which was very different from anything I had done before.

I also liked the idea that there only were 35 students because I thought it would create a better social environment. Asian studies programme however also has a high drop out rate which meant that in the end we were only 8 students left, which makes the people in the class socially very close to each other.


My programme

The most challenging aspect of Asian studies programme is time management. On one hand, you have a full course load of economics and sociology, but you also have to learn a new language.  While this is the most challenging it is also the most satisfying.

At first it was especially difficult to manage the time spent on each subject because you didn´t know what was expected by you in the individual course.  You therefore had to “hit the ground running” and it became clearer as the different courses unfolded. In my opinion this balancing act between Japanese, which on paper shouldn’t fill that much, and the pressure from the economic classes is what makes this programme tough but also fulfilling.

My advice

My first advice would be to make a very clear schedule and have the discipline to follow through with it. In the start it is difficult to do it because you don't really now what is expected but in my experience the teachers and mentors make it very clear.

Another advice would be to focus on the basics in Japanese and think of it more as a marathon and not a sprint. Some people will join the class and be nearly fluent but what is important to remember is that learning a language is a gradual process.

It is therefore also important to remember that you can´t read up to the exam a month before. Through my 3 years at ASP I have seen many people fall through the cracks because of this. I myself have made a similar mistake of continuing to advanced Japanese while there still where a few holes in my basic Japanese which then ended up affecting me in the end.