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My choice

I chose my study programme based on the wish to combine business know-how with social science. CBS excited me because it included more actual data collection and research than many other institutions; I saw this as an opportunity to apply theories to reality before entering the job market.

I had not expected the programme to be as academic as it was, and I was (not unpleasantly) surprised by how our professors truly were immersed in the world of academia. As a business school CBS may give the impression that all the lecturers will be start-up gurus or stockbrokers, but this is not the case at all. These individuals you will also find within the environment of CBS, but will have to be sought out in your own time and through your own engagement.

Finally, I had heard rumours that CBS was quite competitive, and while I believe this may be true for some programmes it is not at all my experience. BSc. Soc has a very communal atmosphere, possibly because we are a relatively small cohort. My experience is that my fellow students are very helpful and that we all work together in a supportive manner. This attitude I believe is something special that our programme has to offer.

My programme

BSc. Soc (as we call it) has been challenging and unique in several ways:

  • It is very focused on methods; i.e. how and why research is conducted. We go through qualitative and quantitative method courses, and mixed methods. This has made me quite critical towards all forms of statistics (e.g. advertisement, political claims, casual conversation, etc.).
  • We conduct our own research from the second year, which is a fun opportunity to shape your own projects and truly understand how the theories from class works.
  • There are several interdisciplinary exams (even from the first), which means that we are challenged to see connections between all subjects; also those which do not seem naturally correlated. This challenge has helped me stop seeing our subjects as individual courses, but rather see the world from many different perspectives. Furthermore, this forces us all to be reflective and open-minded.

So far I have found the course to be most relevant in management and consulting work; because both of these fields require reflections and comprehensive overviews, and this is exactly what BSc. Soc supplies.

My advice

Choose your programme based on what you want to LEARN. University is voluntary, and no one is going to force you to do your homework. It should no longer be about getting good grades, but understanding your courses. Having a passionate interest in your curriculum can be crucial for your own motivation.

Make sure you are ready to study. Taking a gap year or more may seem like a long time now, but when considering your entire lifespan it is a small investment (that could have a huge impact on your enthusiasm at university).

If you do decide to study at CBS join the intro weeks and cabin trip! This is a tradition at all Danish university that will really help you get to know your classmates.