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My choice

I didn’t know what bachelor I wanted to take after my upper secondary, or for that matter what I really wanted to be “when I grow old”. Instead, I chose to take a gap-year where I went to London to work, it was an amazing experience that I still draw a lot upon today, but it also helped me make my decision of which direction that I wanted to go in. So after a year abroad, I figured out that I wanted an education that had an international aspect, both in terms of the courses, but also my most important factor – where I could go on exchange! I had also learned that I was really motivated by having a job where I could apply what I had learned through my education. I discovered that B.Sc. International Business had created a new line, which combined the academic studies and work-experience.

So my mind was set that this must be the right choice for me, and it was actually the only program that I applied for, which in hindsight might not have been the best strategy, but I was lucky enough to make the cut. I didn’t really know what to expect as I felt I had made a very quick decision, and actually hadn’t explored a lot of options, because I just felt that this bachelor could give me everything I wanted.

I got the notice that I was accepted only 2 weeks prior to the intro weeks, so I quickly had to move from London to Copenhagen. In the beginning, I had a small room in one of my far out family friends daughters apartment, but it was perfect for the very hectic intro-weeks.

My programme

IB has definitely been the right program for me. But I think it has both been a combination of Copenhagen as the perfect study-city, the many possibilities CBS has to offer and my fellow students on the program.The most challenging experience on IB is that constant competition between students, we are all very ambitious and I sometimes feel that it gets in the way of learning from each other and helping each other out. It is important to not get caught up in the game as I really gain from study groups and sharing my concerns for a specific topic. However, this is also positive as it has pushed me to perhaps study a little bit harder, and push myself to learn more and being involved in a lot of great extracurricular activities.

Even if IB consists of a lot of grade-hungry students, they definitely also know how to party in the intro-weeks and at our burn-out parties after each quarter exams. This has really surprised my in a good way, people are very outgoing and eager to arrange social activities such as a soccer game in the park, or the yearly Gala party. Many also join or start-up a lot of student organizations outside IB. This is really great, but you may also very a little obliged to take part of everything, but also gives you plenty of opportunities to find a student organization you want to take part of. I personally joined the study-board for IB as I wanted to keep improving the program.

I just finished IB this summer (2014) and I could never have imagined how much I have loved my 3 years of studies, and I am actually a little sad, because I am not sure that I will find that on my master level. I am continuing on to FIR, Finance and Accounting as I think IB has given my many qualitative subjects, and I wish to explore the more quantitative subjects now.

My advice

Don’t chose IB because of the high GPA entry requirement, chose IB because you are genuinely excited about the courses – you will be spending three years studying a lot of heavy business books.

Don’t get caught up in the taught that there is only one way to do IB, tailor it to what you want to get out of the program.

Take time management seriously – you will get swamped with studies, job and social activities, learning to prioritize is key!

Take part of the social activities IB has to offer especially in the beginning, it is a lot of fun, and finding fellow students to e.g. form a study group with can be a great support throughout the program.