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My choice

I am from Denmark and have always lived in Copenhagen. During my upper secondary years, I found that economics, social sciences and politics where the subjects that interested me the most. These where the subjects with interesting discussions and where I felt like I could make a change. Because of this I actually though I would choose to study ‘statskundskab’ at KU.

When I left high school I had a couple of years off to work and travel. During my time travelling through Asia and Oceania I learned that KU was not for me, I learned that I wanted an education which combined all of the social aspects that I loved, with an understanding of how to build and run a business. When I began to look through the study programmes of CBS I found quite a few of them to be interesting.

Originally I wanted to choose IBP, as it seemed very prestigious and exciting. Then I found BSc SOC I liked every part of it, it had the business element, but also the social and political aspects. However, I was still set on IBP, most likely due to the high GPA and prestige. When the deadline was approaching I choose to put IBP as first and SOC as second. A few weeks after I regretted that decision I wanted to get into SOC. Luckily I did not get into IBP, but I did get accepted to SOC.

My programme

SOC is a difficult programme to explain, it combines mathematical and sort of strict economic subjects, such as Managerial economics, with more fluffy and open sociology subjects, such as Fundamentals of Social Theory. Sometimes during your time at SOC, you will think to yourself “why are we learning this”. But SOC is a programme that is all about integrating the different subjects and you will soon learn to find links between very different subjects. Some students though do find this integration hard, it is not like high school where you have to just know your curriculum, here you need to go beyond it, tie it together and be able to argue from many different points of view. This way of learning does give us something very unique not just in Denmark but in the whole world, our graduates are being told by their colleagues, that they contribute in a very different way. I believe this way of looking at problems from different sides is one of the greatest skills learned at SOC.

As sociology is a part of the SOC programme, the everyday social life is indeed very interesting, you will rarely find the stereotypical CBS suit and tie kind of person at SOC, but usually a very diverse group of people both in terms of origin, but indeed also in terms of political belief and background. This creates a fascinating dynamic.

My advice

There is no way of knowing if you have chosen the right programme. Everyone will feel stressed at some point thinking; “maybe this is not right for me”. If this happens do not panic, have a chat with your mentors, your fellow students and your friends to find out why you are having these feelings and remember there is no shame in shifting to another programme or university.

Habit Building
When you start university either at CBS or somewhere else, begin building positive habits right from the start. By building good reading, notetaking, attendance habits from the very beginning of your time at university, it will be easier throughout your bachelor.

Before you apply
Study every course of the programme that has caught your attention read through the details and decide if most of them sound interesting to you. When you have done this choose the programme that seems most interesting, not the one that has the highest GPA.