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My choice

Why did I choose to study International Business at CBS?

·       Interest in the international perspective

·       To achieve a general understanding of economics

·       Opportunity to study in English

.       Desire to work abroad again

·       To study together with other ambitious students of whom you can learn from and consult

·       Financially cheaper than studying abroad

·       Desire to try something different than Aarhus

·       Better opportunities to acquire a student job in Copenhagen than elsewhere.

Other than International Business, I considered:

·       HA alm. (CBS)

·       HA it. (CBS).

IT because I have worked in the field for two years prior to my admission to CBS. Previously, I thought my future was in finance, but now I am not so sure. Thus, to keep my options open, I opted for an education with a more general Economic approach with an international scope. In the meantime, I am exploring the world of IT through my student job

My programme

So far, I have found International Business at CBS to be a great fit for me. The subjects have given me the opportunity to dive into lots of theories that can provide insights into, why consumers, firms, and politicians act as they do.

The step from high school to university is, however, huge. Especially, the following have required some getting used to for me:


·       The quarter structure

·       The size of the curriculum

·       The split between lectures and “homework”.


The International Business programme follows an intense quarter structure lasting 6-9 weeks. During this period, you are covering what corresponds to two A-level subjects with exams by the end of the period. Thereafter you start over again with two new subjects. It is great in the way that it enables to dive deeper into the subjects, but is on the other hand quite demanding at times.

Therefore, it has been important for me to have some other activities on the side to recharge my batteries. For me that has been football, to have a beer with some friends, and my student job, as I used to work full time before starting at CBS.

This also enables me to interact in other social environments as well as in a different way with some from the programme. I consider that quite important as you unlike high school only spent 10-15 hours a week with your fellow students at the lectures.

My advice

Be open and make sure to participate in some of the social activities

Remember to make room for activities to recharge your batteries whether it is sports, family, exercising, cooking or something else.

However, be careful not to get involved in too much just because the others feel a need to pretend to be superman. Your time is limited, prioritize.