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My choice

I chose CBS because I was immediately attracted to the incredible atmosphere and culture, and mostly by the unbelievable opportunities that it can offer. Getting all the way to Copenhagen and starting a new life was a challenge, but I’m glad I made it!

My choice of programme was Information Management in the first place and BLC French as a second option. I am incredibly lucky to have gotten into IM, because I honestly think it is right programme for me. It has everything I wanted to study: a bit of communications, a bit of IT, a bit of business… And all of that combines a theoretical AND practical approach, which is perfect for me.

My programme

The most exciting thing about my programme for me is that we always get to work on incredibly interesting projects, and the fact that we get to know about theories and disciplines I never even thought existed. The most challenging thing is perhaps the fact that it can be hard to deal with the business side of the programme if you haven’t studied business before. I think the degree that we get is really good, because it’s general enough to do many different things professionally, and at the same time narrow enough that there are specific professions that match our degree. Personally, I hope to use my degree, combined with some marketing studies later on, to get a job in PR or media marketing.

My advice

Choose what you like rather than what you think will land you a good job. Life is too short to study something you don’t like, and if you like what you study, three years will seem like three months.

If you are unsure whether to choose CBS over some other university, try and talk to the people who study there, as many as possible! Getting an idea of what the “vibe” of a university is can be very helpful if you’re scared you might not fit in.

Don’t think you can get away with not studying at all. Don’t think you have to study nine hours a day either, though. IM is the kind of programme where you get back what you put in: if you study a little, you will pass. If you study a lot, you will excel. But you don’t need to excel to pass.