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My choice

To be honest, I faced a hard time deciding what I wanted to study. The many opportunities overwhelmed me. After really thinking it through it became clear that I wanted to study Business and I wanted to study in English. So I chose to study at CBS, partly because of its reputation and partly because of the international environment that it offers.

However, CBS offers a range of programmes taught in English, so again I had to go through a minor “struggle” before I decided to apply for BSc SEM. I chose BSc SEM because of its broadness and the economic courses it offers. I also assumed that the quarter-system would match my way of studying, and luckily it did.

My programme

What I really like about BSc SEM is the combination of courses and that you are given proper tools to overcome certain problems, thus I feel that the academic part makes great sense. In the beginning, I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of group work, since I preferred working alone. Eventually, it was just a matter of time, since I did not just get used to it but I actually began to enjoy working in groups.

When deciding which study programme to choose I did not pay any attention to the social aspect of BSc SEM. I only focused on the academic part of it and how it matched my interests. However, the social part of BSc SEM surprised me a lot. Even though there are many students, there is still a comfortable and friendly atmosphere during lectures, which I had not expected at all.

My advice

I would advice you to do proper research before choosing a bachelor’s programme. According to me, you should define your academic interests and use these as a base when choosing a bachelor’s programme.

CBS provides a range of opportunities to expand your social network. I would advice you to grab these by participating in student activities since it will only benefit you in the end.

My last advice for you will definitely be to remember also to enjoy being a student at CBS. In order to do that, I would highly recommend that you use a calendar.