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My choice

I was really in doubt for which program I should choose, before I finally made up my mind, which was actually also a form for coincidence. One of the tools I therefore used a lot before taking my decision was a tool on CBS home webpage, where you can compare the different bachelors and at the same time see the weight distributions for each subject and their focus areas. The exact choice for CBS was really just a coincidence, because I rather chose the bachelor before the school. During my time at CBS, I have although become really happy for CBS and all the other activities and talks the school offers besides the programs.

My programme

IBP was the right choice for me, since I all the way through my upper secondary knew that I wanted to study social science, but at the same time wanted to combine it with something more economic in order to give the education another twist. The combination of these two worlds provides an even greater understanding for both things, as well as creating greater diversity in learning in order for you not to feel stuck in one thing. IBP’s international aspect was the main thing that gave the program an extra touch and made me choose this bachelor before “Statskundskab”, which I also considered.

The thing that surprised me the most about IBP was the programs very social side. The social aspect was probably one of my biggest worries before starting at IBP, because I believe that balancing your studies with a lot of social activities provides an even greater base for learning. I definitely believe that IBP can live up to this. I am currently also a member of IPB Social, which arranges a lot of social activities that only contributes in creating a good social community at IBP.

My advice

One of my advices for the coming students, or students who are about to look into different programs, is that you need to accept that not all your subjects are going to be as interesting as your thought. There are some subjects that you just need to have had in order for you to learn other things.

Get some really good friends! This is definitely one of the things that drag me to school, when it gets tuff or you have a boring subject. It is also important so you have someone to talk to between the lectures, as it is a possibility that you sit all the way through a lecture without saying anything.

My last and most important advice to all students who are starting after the summer is to participate in all the social activities in the intro period as possible. It will definitely gain you in the long run.