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My choice

The point of departure for my choice of studies was an eagerness to understand how “money makes the world go round” combined with a dream of an international career (Denmark seemed too small somehow). In that sense the choice of CBS and BSc International Business seemed rather obvious. But I was concerned about the academic content and especially about choosing an orientation taught entirely in English. But why should I wait?

I knew that I wanted an international career sooner or later and education exists for the sake of qualifying you for a future job. Despite my fear of the academic content I doubted how I would fit in socially. IB students have a tarnished reputation for being rather arrogant, obsessed with the sound of popping champagne and to be a “real” IB student, you should have started six businesses by the age of 18. But what I found was that this reputation exists because it is the only way society can understand the IB-program. It is hard to understand how dedicated and talented young people manage to stay humble when newspapers are busy telling a story about their potential and the expectation for their future. But trust me, they can.

My programme

I find the best part of the IB-program to be that it is truly international. The “International” aspect is not just added as some sort of buzzword as a way to frame the program. Everything we study is from an international perspective. Some courses have it included as part of their name such as International Economics and Global Supply Chain Management, but even courses like Micro Economic and Financial Accounting are international in nature.

My advice

What is it that you REALLY want? Your choice of studies is not about what sounds the best or what your family and friends think you should do. Imagine that in ten years, you will get paid for your joy of going to work and no longer on an hourly basis. Where would you then “earn” the most? If that is not from an IB related career, then this is not the right program for you.